‘Scam Goddess’ is calling about some outstanding warrants…

Comedy July 30, 2021
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Join Laci Mosley’s “con”-gregation with her podcast, “Scam Goddess”. Dedicated to all the scammers, fraudsters, swindlers and con artists, “Scam Goddess” is the perfect mix of hilarity and history. Mosley wants to hear all about the hustling you’ve done to loved ones, hoaxes you’ve fallen for, and the techniques you’ve used to get the IRS off your tail.

If you haven’t heard of Laci Mosley yet, you will soon. The actor and comedian starred in the 2019 Pop series Florida Girls and has had supporting roles on Single Parents, Insecure, and The Wedding Year. She provides commentary on Whoopi Goldberg’s new ABC true crime series The Con, and in 2021, she joined the cast of A Black Lady Sketch Show. She has also joined the main cast of Peacock’s iCarly revival.

After Conan O’Brien guest starred on “Scam Goddess”, Team Coco picked it up alongside Earwolf. “Scam Goddess” discusses current and historic frauds that are equally impressive and infuriating. Often reading off listener emails, Mosley and friends will read about hustles her listeners are pulling, or frauds they or their family have fallen for. Or, Mosley finds the most outrageous and hilarious frauds that made the local news – typically in Florida.

The second segment is Mosley’s favorite, where she reads off historic scams that fooled (and sometimes injured) millions. Listen to schemes like Madame Rachel who sold arsenic-laced makeup in Victorian England, to New Jersey’s extremely dangerous Action Park. She’s also had huge stars on the pod like Nicole Byer, Ashley Nicole Black, Alaska, and, of course, Conan.

Learn the scams to look out for (the IRS will never call you) and how to waste a scammers time. Or, learn how to scam! This is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of podcast. There is no scam too small and no hoax too large! Listen to “Scam Goddess” for your fraudster fix every week.

Listen to ‘Scam Goddess’

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