Obsession, passion, and murder: ‘Scorned: Love Kills’ investigates shocking tales of love gone wrong based off of the ID TV show

True Crime May 2, 2022
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From ID comes “Scorned: Love Kills,” investigating shocking true crime tales of love gone wrong. This series shares cases of jealousy, anger, betrayal, and obsession turning deadly.

Each standalone episode is complete with interviews from law enforcement, psychologists, reporters, and more. This podcast is the audio-only version of Investigation Discovery’s popular TV show that has been running for 6 seasons. So far, all episodes are less than an hour each.

These true crimes are filled with so many twists and turns. When successful attorney Stefanie Rabinowitz was found dead in her bathtub, it appeared she drowned, and her family believed it was an accident. An autopsy revealed a horrible truth, and husband Craig Rabinowitz was arrested right after her funeral.

Craig’s double life was no longer a secret. He amassed huge debts, spent tons of money, created a phony business that only existed on paper, and paid (and gave lavish gifts to) strippers. During the trial, other details were revealed including scamming investors and a $1.5 million life insurance policy purchased in Stefanie’s name, with Craig as the beneficiary, weeks before her death.

Kimberly Renee Poole was a bored housewife and mother in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She began a double life and started stripping at a local club. Kimberly met acquaintances at work and brought them home for sexual adventures while her husband, Brent Poole, was out.

One of her flings with club patron John Frazier became serious, and a horrifying plot unraveled. Kimberly lured her husband to a hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in celebration of their 3rd wedding anniversary in 1998. This was a ploy. While their daughter was sleeping at the hotel, Kimberly and Brent went to the beach before Brent was handed over to John. Kimberly convinced John to shoot Brent.

In the episode titled “Behind the Picket Fence,” Army Major David Shannon his wife Joan were into swinging and met partners online. David started talking to Jeffrey Wilson and introduced him to Joan. Jeffrey and Joan began a relationship, and David asked them to break up, which Joan did not want.

Joan wanted David out of the picture. When David was shot in bed sleeping next to his wife, investigators uncovered a murder plan including coercion, affairs, and sex parties near Fort Bragg. Joan’s murder plan involved manipulating their teenage daughter, Elizabeth, to commit the crime in 2002.

Tune in to hear crimes of passion on weekly episodes of “Scorned: Love Kills.”

Listen to ‘Scorned: Love Kills’

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