Pop culture news? Check. Content recommendations? Check. Women in business? Double check. Find it all on ‘Okay Sis’

Society & Culture April 20, 2022
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Scout and Mady are real-life sisters and two halves to the whole of their “Okay Sis” podcast. Based on the knowledge that women are both multifaceted individuals and multifaceted as a community, the two have dedicated this podcast to exploring women’s interests, from entrepreneurship to The Bachelor to astrology.

They’re talking about their fixations of the week, chatting with incredible women, handing out sisterly advice, reacting to pop culture news, and sharing their own real and raw journeys. It’s a family affair here on “Okay Sis.”

Mady and Scout have been at this whole podcasting thing since mid-2018. They have recorded over 200 episodes in that time and release new episodes on Mondays. Episodes are anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes long, and their topics range from astrological readings to their favorite podcasts to entrepreneurial advice.

No matter what you’re looking for in a podcast, you’ll find it in “Okay Sis.” Pop culture news? Check. Content recommendations? Check. Women in business? Double check. A hilarious sister duo? Absolutely. From mental health check ins to mourning Bill Hader’s singlehood, they’ve truly got it all covered.

The two are completely unafraid to get vulnerable on their podcast, which is exactly what has made them so beloved in podcasting. They recently had their astrological charts read to them on their podcast, which can always be a grab bag of good and bad.

They learn (well, reinforce what they already knew) that they are polar opposites in a few ways, but by the law of attraction, that means they complete each other – which is a pretty sweet description of their sisterly relationship. Throughout the episode, they talk about things they’ve struggled with when it comes to certain aspects of their personality and aspects that have helped them thrive.

Besides that, they’ve been doling out actionable advice for anyone who wants it. From speaking about their journey to meditation and how anyone can implement into their lives to speaking with women who have founded their own businesses, Mady and Scout are going out of their way to bring listeners a wide range of content.

They’ve gone from an episode titled “Unhinged Pop Culture Commentary: Red (Taylor’s Version), Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian, and Celebrity Crushes” to the very next week speaking about Web3 and the decentralization of the internet.

Immediately after that, they dove into an episode with the co-founder of Nudestix Taylor Frankel and the anxiety of being a public facing founder. You can also get recommendations for new TV shows, movies, books, and podcasts to dive into, get relationship advice, and hear wellness tips and hacks.

This duo is obsession-worthy, for sure. Whether you never had a sister growing up or live hundreds of miles away from them, “Okay Sis” is filling that void. And hey, if you do have sister, what’s the harm in two more?

They are making our Mondays that much brighter with their whole-hearted content and women-supporting-women mindset. Be sure to tune in to “Okay Sis” every Monday to hear them gush about their newest fixations.

Listen to ‘Okay Sis’

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