Messy rich women doing messy rich women things: ‘Sexy Unique Podcast’ recaps and reviews the greatest reality TV shows ever

TV & Film March 7, 2022
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While “Sexy Unique Podcast” began as a show dedicated to solely the greatest “tragicomedy” of our times, Vanderpump Rules, it has grown to encapsulate the best of reality television, pop culture, and more. Hosts Lara Marie Schoenhals and Carey O’Donnell (who has recently earned this hosting position after being a frequent guest to the podcast) recap and review their shared passion for messy people on television.

“Sexy Unique Podcast” has been blazing its trail to the top of the TV/Film podcast charts since the start of 2017 and shows no sign of stopping. There are over 400 episodes of the show with new episodes being released twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays, with bonus Patreon episodes released on Wednesdays. Episodes are usually an hour to an hour and a half long.

The two hosts follow certain reality television series throughout their seasons, sometimes watching live, sometimes rewatching old classics. Most recently, they’ve been watching the increasingly dramatic Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and Vanderpump Rules, rewatching Mob Wives from the start, and obviously they were all over And Just Like That and Tampa Baes.

If you’re just looking for a podcast recapping a specific show, “Sexy Unique Podcast” has cleanly labeled all of their episodes for the ultimate listening experience. Each episode focuses in on a singular television episode, so you can relive the criminal drama consuming Salt Lake City and the criminal adjacent drama of Big Ang, Drita, and Karen on Mob Wives in order.

And even if you’re not a fan of Bravo television (like plenty of Lara and Carey’s listeners), you may find yourself a fan of “Sexy Unique Podcast.” The duo’s commentary on the all-consuming neo-Dadaism of reality television is hilariously spot-on, the two often left awestruck, aghast, and sometimes appalled at these rich women and their rich-women antics.

On top of their reviews and recaps, their bonus episodes on their Patreon are where they speak about their own lives and pop culture. Namely, they talk about Los Angeles weather, hair problems, their Starbucks baristas, learn together about the conspiracy theories surrounding Queen Elizabeth II, and Nicole Kidman’s haunting AMC advertisement. Also, of course they are talking about the biggest television shows and movies of the present, celebrity gossip, and whatever else comes to mind.

Be sure to check out “Sexy Unique Podcast” if not for its tantalizing title alone. Culturally relevant and deeply scathing, Lara and Carey cannot be missed.

Listen to ‘Sexy Unique Podcast’

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