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True Crime March 5, 2023
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Law enforcement agencies have many strategies to get information from inmates. One method is pasting pictures of missing and murdered people on playing card decks and distributing them in prisons. Authorities expect this might prompt inmates to share any details they might have about cold cases.

Audiochuck’s “The Deck” is “dealing you in” to hear about some of the nation’s unsolved cases with popular true crime host Ashley Flowers. The series hopes to spread awareness and wants anyone to come forward if they have any information to help serve justice.

Stream “The Deck” in any order since episodes deal with standalone cases, some of which are covered in two-part episodes. Flowers shares a missing or murdered person’s case and works with victims’ families to detail their stories. We’ll also hear from investigators who worked many cases in over 50 episodes that run less than 40 minutes on average.

Recent episodes examined Oakey “Al” Kite’s case, who was found murdered in 2004 at home in Colorado. With new science and technology, investigators hope to crack the case 18 years after his death. When a suspect was identified, this person suddenly disappeared.

When 25-year-old Kyle Byrtus was murdered in 2013, his case ran cold for almost ten years. Kyle’s mom has tirelessly fought for justice and now the family might be closer than ever. Hear more about this Florida homicide in an episode.

In addition to “The Deck,” Flowers hosts “Crime Junkie,” “Supernatural,” “International Infamy,” “It’s A Wonderful Lie,” and “Full Body Chills” – just to name a few. Flowers just brought “The Deck” to the live stage on tour with “The Deck Investigates.” She will launch “The Deck Investigates” podcast, covering Darlene Hulse’s story across 15 episodes starting March 9.

Tune in Wednesdays for new episodes of “The Deck” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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