D’oh! 6 ‘Simpsons’ podcasts to pre-game with before watching ‘A Serious Flanders’

TV & Film November 12, 2021

The Simpsons are still Simpson-ing! Part 2 of The Simpsons Fargo-influenced “Simpflix” crime special, “A Serious Flanders,” will air on November 14. So, if you feel like pre-gaming for the special and want to hear from creatives who have worked on the series over the years, Podsauce has rounded up some Simpsons podcasts.

Random fact: Did you know that Conan O’Brien was a writer for The Simpsons‘ fourth and fifth seasons before leaving to replace David Letterman’s host spot on Late Night? You’ll also hear trivia-filled episodes on our list that unpack the show’s cultural significance.

Grab some donuts and hear from Simpsons‘ creator Matt Groening, learn from cast and crew, and tune in for episode analyses. These Simpsons aficionado hosts could probably tie in a trivia round with Matt. Some of these shows extend coverage into the Simpsons-verse by chatting with folks from Futurama and more.

Check out our complete Simpsons podcast round-up below:

Round Springfield

Listen to ‘Round Springfield’

“Round Springfield” is a comedy podcast presented by Allie Goertz, Julia Prescott, and Maximum Fun. The hosts had a blast talking to Simpsons‘ creator, Matt Groening, when he appeared on an episode in July. Previous episodes talked to Simpsons‘ writers, producers, showrunners, and more from the Simpsons-verse. The hosts were also joined by David X on Futurama, Josh Weinstein discussed Mission Hill, and Yeardley Smith chatted about voicing Lisa Simpson. While this podcast wrapped in July 2021, all episodes are still available to enjoy.

The Simpsons Show

Listen to ‘The Simpsons Show’

“The Simpsons Show” is all Simpsons, all the time! With new, weekly episodes, this podcast deep-dives into episodes from the TV show in chronological order. Hosts Matt and Robbie analyze the Simpsons‘ cultural importance in its 60+ minute episodes.

The Hello Mr. Burns Podcast

Listen to ‘The Hello Mr. Burns Podcast’

Perrie Kap presents “The Hello Mr. Burns Podcast,” a Simpsons research podcast with fun facts, cultural references, and looking at history with The Simpsons as an unofficial guide. The podcast’s first 11-minute episode shares The Simpsons‘ origin story, and the following episodes review each TV episode, starting from season 1. Check out new, weekly episodes.

What’s So Great About… Put It In “H” A Die Hard Simpsons Podcast

Listen to ‘What’s So Great About…” ‘Put It In “H” A Die Hard Simpsons Podcast’

Terry and Andy are diehard Simpsons fans and share their love for the show on each episode. They do season recaps, episode reviews, and character analyses. Each episode is like eavesdropping on two great friends catching up in a bar. Average episode length is 90 minutes.

Talking Simpsons

Listen to ‘Talking Simpsons’

Talking Simpsons Network presents “Talking Simpsons,” hosted by Bob Mackey and Henry Gilbert to take you through “a chronological and cromulent exploration of the greatest show ever made!” Episodes break down your favorite Simpsons moments with comedic guests in its weekly episodes. The average length of episodes is two hours.

Simpsons is Greater Than…

Listen to ‘Simpsons is Greater Than…’

Simpsons collector Warren Evans (@bartofdarkness) presents “Simpsons is Greater Than…” In episodes, Warren unpacks the show’s impact on the world and interviews people involved with the show and super-fans. On previous episodes, Warren has chatted with musicians, actors, creatives, and more. And he’ll often answer listeners’ questions with his guests. New episodes are posted semimonthly.


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