‘Smoke Screen: Deadly Cure’ investigates the Genesis II Church and a miracle liquid they claimed could heal

Society & Culture March 12, 2023
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“Smoke Screen” investigates a different story each season filled with crime, corruption, sketchy behavior, and folks living on the fringe. Past seasons of this docuseries covered cult leaders, con artists, corrupt politicians, and those who took advantage of people’s hearts, money, and communities.

The latest season, “Deadly Cure” shares the story of a family who globally persuaded people to buy a “miracle liquid” made from poison. This launched an international conspiracy, and we’ll learn about the people who tried to stop them.

Stream “Smoke Screen” from the first episode each season. “Deadly Cure” is eight episodes long and each runs less than an hour.

Listeners are introduced to Mark Grenon, Jim Humble, and the Genesis II Church. Grenon is a missionary from the Dominican Republic and contracts MRSA. This superbug, caused by staph infection, is tricky to treat since it is resistant to several antibiotics. Grenon found the Miracle Mineral Solution and believed it cured him of countless ailments. Eventually, Grenon met MMS’ founder Jim Humble, who claimed he was a billion-year-old god from the Andromeda galaxy and treated sick people with a product called “my malaria solution.” Grenon and Humble teamed up to start the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

By the second episode, hear about folks’ attempts to bring down the Church and people who believed MMS was a cure for autism. When an MMS user in the South Pacific died, the FDA took action and started looking into it.

An individual named Daniel Smith started “Project Green Life” and distributed MMS. Feds took action against Smith, and Grenon used Smith’s case to further promote the Genesis II church and claim that being a church would prevent them from future shut down attempts. Hear about Grenon and Humble’s brand expand to include seminars around the world and the FDA’s repeated efforts to crack down on MMS as the product appealed to millions. Feds began buying the product on sites like eBay and Amazon to learn more intel about the church and its founders.

In 2020, the Genesis II Church became even more popular as COVID-19 swept the world. The FDA created Operation Quack Hack as more unapproved COVID-19 cures started to roll around. Hear what happened when the government was closing in on the Grenons until the president endorsed their product.

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Listen to ‘Smoke Screen: Deadly Cure’

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