Snoop Dogg, Kris Jenner, and more fascinating guests join ‘The Martha Stewart Podcast’

Celebrity July 3, 2022
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Multi-talented media maven, entrepreneur, author, lifestyle guru (and more!) Martha Stewart is chatting with guests that inspire her from all backgrounds on her new podcast. In upcoming episodes, we’ll hear from celebrities, artisans, entrepreneurs, business icons, and some of her friends for thought-provoking conversations.

Stream the weekly series in any order, with the average episode running less than 35 minutes each. This season, Martha is sitting down with fascinating guests like reality TV’s Kris Jenner, former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, international plant explorer Dan Hinkley, and more. Martha is slated to share excerpts from her personal audio diary archive, too.

Episode 1 featured Martha’s great friend and business partner, the one and only Snoop Dogg. They shared anecdotes from years of dear friendship, talked about family, the cannabis industry, and what it takes to be the GOAT. Snoop shared that his fans also love Martha, and they’ve appreciated their collaborations.

Snoop is one of the busiest people Martha knows. Snoop shared what he worked on this year including the superbowl, NFTs, his wine (Martha is also making chardonnay!), his custom sunglasses, his supergroup Mount Westmore with E-40, Too Short, and Ice Cube, among other projects.

Martha says she hates the term “besties,” but the guests on episode 2 def occupy that space IRL. Kevin Sharkey, Executive Design Director for Martha’s brand, and photographer Douglas Friedman stopped by to talk about working with Martha.

If you follow Martha on social media, you’ve probably seen Kevin. Douglas has captured Martha in action for various magazines and TV shows. The 3 friends have traveled the world together and cannot pass on inspiration, searching for beauty, and martinis.

We recommend “The Martha Stewart Podcast” for listeners who love hearing celebrities interviewing other famous people.

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Listen to ‘The Martha Stewart Podcast’

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