Space out with these 7 horror-tinged sci-fi podcasts

Fiction October 28, 2021

Earth to sci-fi fans! Podsauce has rounded up seven sci-fi podcasts for you. So hopscotch to the shuttle for a virtual trip through time and space this spooky season or whenever. On our list we’ve included shows inspired by The Twilight Zone, a neo-noir world where robots and humans co-exist, and an astronaut who returned to Earth 35 years later without aging a day.

Hear about a video game used by governments to keep world peace where officials battle to obtain real-life resources in a fantasy world. Travel to a world where the abnormal is normal in a series of fictional radio broadcasts. A town disappeared when scientists developed a mind-to-mind communication device, and one series uncovers what happened to the residents in a fictional investigation à la Serial.

Check out our complete list below:

The Other Stories

Listen to ‘The Other Stories’

“The Other Stories” features horrors, sci-fi tales, thrillers, and the unexplainable. This podcast is for fans of TV shows like The Twilight Zone, Tales From The Crypt, and The Outer Limits. Hear about time travel, planetary Marines, space shuttle crew members disappearing, a Cadbury creme egg that isn’t sweet, and more. The stories are spook-tacular and far out. Episodes are around 30 minutes in length with updates on Mondays.

From Now

Listen to ‘From Now’

QCODE’s “From Now” follows a lost spacecraft’s return to Earth after going radio silent for 35 years. The craft, the USS HOPE, has one survivor voiced by Richard Madden. As he exits the USS HOPE, he hasn’t aged a day and is swept in a media circus. The astronaut reunites with his twin brother, and he shares secrets about the future, humanity, and the world. This series is written and created by Rhys Wakefield and William Day Frank. Season one’s six episodes are now available to stream.

Welcome to Night Vale

Listen to ‘Welcome to Night Vale’

Welcome to Night Vale” has become its own meta universe with books and live shows in addition to the podcast. It’s a sci-fi radio show broadcasting from the town of Night Vale, complete with news updates, community events, and horror. This show thrives on the absurd and the supernatural roams freely. In this world, conspiracy theories are believed to be true and magic is real. Feel free to listen in any order to its over 150 episodes. New episodes are available bimonthly.


Listen to ‘Limetown’

Hundreds of residents vanished from Tennessee’s fictional Limetown, and no one knew what happened until American Public Radio’s Lia Haddock started asking questions. Lia started an investigation and tracked down the few survivors to uncover the truth. Limetown was the site of a research facility where researchers conducted experiments for an invention and did a trial run. Patients were implanted with a device to transmit ideas from one person’s brain to another, a direct mind-to-mind communication device. All episodes are now available to stream.


Listen to ‘Ctrl-Alt-Destroy’

When a video game designer learns one of her creations is stolen, a disaster unfolds. This game might be the key to saving the real world from war, as the game is used by governments internationally. Nations duke it out in the gaming world of Alternis to battle for resources and make deals. Team USA called in the game’s designer for help playing the game, securing what they need. Can peace be maintained? This series stars Firefly’s Summer Glau and is a Realm presentation. The series is written by Andrea Phillips, Maurice Broaddus, Jacqueline Koyanagi, and E.C. Myers.

Electric Easy

Listen to ‘Electric Easy’

From QCODE comes “Electric Easy,” a neo-noir sci-fi drama where robots and humans struggle to co-exist in a future Los Angeles. This series is written by Vanya Asher (Shadow and Bone) and produced by Kesha, who lends her voice to nightclub MC’s character, Zephyr. In this series, a human falls in love with the droid he is contracted to kill. Singer/songwriter Chloe Bailey lends her voice to performer, Vector, and there are musical numbers along the way, composed by Kesha and Chloe.


Listen to ‘Entropy’

David Ortiz’s “Entropy” is set in the year 2309. The universe has gone past the Solar System and developed colonies across the galaxy. When Earth is alerted of a criminal organization’s plans to overthrow the world and start from scratch, who is in charge of stopping the invasion?


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