6 spirituality-based podcasts that aspire to inspire

Religion & Spirituality July 7, 2021

If you’re looking to learn about spirituality, observe others’ insights, and discover points of view that might be new for you, there are an assortment of podcasts to expand your knowledge base. 

From interdisciplinary to holistic approaches, here are some podcasts you might want to peruse: 

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Listen to ‘Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations’

Oprah’s “Super Soul” podcast is designed to motivate listeners. She speaks with artists, entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, and health and wellness professionals to motivate listeners. Her podcast’s goal is to uplift and contemplate life’s great questions. If you’re a fan of this podcast, this series of conversations also crosses over into her book, The Path Made Clear.

On Being

Listen to ‘On Being’

Hosted by Krista Tippett, On Being Studios releases weekly episodes that examine the arts, spirituality, science, and the social aspects of life. Major questions of the human experience are weighed, such as what it means to exist. Krista periodically devotes an episodic segment to listener questions and queries.

The Highest Self Podcast with Sahara Rose

Listen to ‘The Highest Self Podcast with Sahara Rose’

Sahara Rose’s goal of the podcast is to present spirituality as a fun and accessible element of life, especially for a millennial audience. Special guests are featured on the episodes to help unpack a variety of topics. Recent episodes discuss raising your vibration, Ayurvedic eating, evolving in your dharma, and manifestation with astrology.Aside from hosting the podcast, Sahara has written Eat Feel Fresh, Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda, A Yogic Path and her latest book, Discover Your Dharma. She is also a keynote speaker for events.

Interfaith Encounters

Listen to ‘Interfaith Encounters’

“Interfaith Encounters,” hosted and created by Robert Hunt, PHD, is an educational podcast encouraging awareness and knowledge through diverse conversations. Such discussions involve dialogues about religions, belief systems, and traditions around the globe. This podcast welcomes everyone to listen. 

Wisdom of the Sages Daily Yoga Podcast

Listen to ‘Wisdom of the Sages Daily Yoga Podcast’

Raghunath Cappo and Kaustubha Das created the show to chat about life through the lens of the Bhakti-yoga tradition in their daily podcast. Topics covered in episodes include, but are not limited to, enjoying life, having fun, focusing, and happiness. The hosts also stream live via Zoom each morning at 5AM EST.

Your Own Magic

Listen to ‘Your Own Magic’

This Raquelle Mantra podcast strives to help others and encourages listeners to explore and embrace themselves by harnessing and unleashing ‘your own magic.’ Raquelle is driven by philosophical questions, spiritualism, knowledge of the human psyche, and the metaphysical world. Episodes share morsels of wisdom in the form of tips, tools, and stories for those on a spiritual journey. Tune in every Monday for new episodes.

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