Spook yo’self silly! ‘Paranormal Activity with Yvette Fielding’ shares personal supernatural encounters and listeners’ stories

Society & Culture September 3, 2021
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Since August 2021, Create presents “Paranormal Activity with Yvette Fielding.” Yvette is a supernatural investigative veteran. She has previously hosted the paranormal shows, Most Haunted and Ghosthunting With… This podcast will feature ghost stories, paranormal encounters, and extra-terrestrial sightings. Episodes will interview folks who study the supernatural field. Got a story to share? Yvette encourages listeners to write into the show for future episode features. She loves hearing details of people’s sightings!

In the first episode, Yvette explores different kinds of hauntings. Listeners will hear about residual hauntings, where ghosts do not interact with humans. They carry through a repeated action each time it’s seen. Yvette says this is similar to The Stone-Tape theory. Some scientists believe that environments act like recorders to absorb information. What’s captured in the information, whether sounds or images, are played out later. Yvette originally thought this theory was ridiculous until she experienced it herself.

Yvette also speaks about anniversary hauntings that take place on a specific, recurring date. An example is reported at St. Mary’s Church in a town called Kemsing in the UK. On December 29th, the same ghost knight is seen kneeling at the church’s altar, then disappears slowly.

Yvette’s first ghost sighting

Yvette will share her original stories throughout the season. In the first episode we hear about Yvette’s first-ever experience with the paranormal. In the 1990s, she stayed in her mom’s home in Cheshire that was built around the 1970s. This home was one of five in a cul-de-sac community. Her mom warned her about the unexplained activity she had been encountering when alone in the house — foot falls, doors slamming randomly, and other inexplicable noises. Her mom’s dog would react to these events and bark wildly.

Scared yet? Yvette’s mom wasn’t. The strange occurrences escalated. She felt icy blasts of air, items moved by themselves, and one day, she felt herself being pulled out of bed by an unexplained force.

Her mom’s friends recommended calling the church. The house was blessed. Yvette was still in London, and she decided to visit her mom. She fell asleep downstairs, and something woke her up in the middle of the night. At the foot of her bed, she saw a full apparition. It had the appearance of a young, WWII army soldier in uniform. Yvette vividly describes the soldier as sharp-looking with dark hair parted to one side. He stared at her, and Yvette was terrified. Yvette shrieked, ran upstairs to her mom’s room, and stayed there the whole night.

This firsthand account ultimately started her vested interest in paranormal investigation. She was intrigued by the apparition and wanted to learn more. Yvette went to the library and found history of her mom’s road. Before houses were built, it was a woodland field. At the end of her mom’s garden, there are train rails that, she learned, went from Manchester to London. During WWII, troops were sent on this route, traipsing through Manchester and Stockport, to London. In her research, Yvette found out that one soldier allegedly didn’t want to fight in the war and threw himself off the train.

Yvette hit the ground running to get more information, and other residents in the cul-de-sac reported seeing this same WWII ghost. She also learned these neighbors had scary things happen in their homes. Besides the same sounds and occurrences Yvette’s mom encountered, people shared how horrible the events became at night. When people went to sleep, they’d be woken from bed. The furniture was shaking, seemingly moved by the hands of an invisible force.

Yvette’s mom was the first person to live in that house since the 1970s and has since moved. It’s been empty ever since. Yvette wonders if houses can be cursed. Why is it still unoccupied? Is this house warding away future inhabitants? Hmm…

Adam’s story

After Yvette tells her story, listeners hear from Adam who shares a ghastly encounter when going to school with his sister. As they walked along their road, a kid on a bike raced past. The biker cut through the nearby park. Adam and his sister followed him, when he vanished, seemingly into thin air. Later on, they learned about a tragic accident: a child bicycling was hit by a car and died at that exact location. Yvette was struck by this story and says it’s too uncanny to be a coincidence.

In this sighting, and others she’s studied, Yvette finds it interesting that ghosts seem to replay their lives’ final moments when they’re witnessed by people.

Throughout the season, we’ll hear more stories from Yvette’s personal archive and listeners’ stories. Tune in weekly for new episodes.

Listen to ‘Paranormal Activity with Yvette Fielding’

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