‘Spooked’ shares true-life ‘spook-tacular’ supernatural stories

Arts October 29, 2021
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Luminary’s “Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked” features firsthand accounts of supernatural stories, told by survivors who are still in disbelief from what they have encountered. You’ll hear about strange messages, shapeshifters, psychic powers, accidents, hauntings, possessions, unfortunate events, and more frightful experiences.

When “The Boo Crew” and “Bleeders DIEgest’s” Trevor Shand stopped by Podsauce, he shared “Spooked” as one of his podcast picks. Trevor recommends “The Perfect Tenant” episode with back-to-back stories. Residents moved into a house that they found out was possessed and held more than monsters in the basement. The tenants fled when they had enough, and even the landlady was frightening. She managed to track down the former tenant’s new home and followed him to his readings. He’s an author who has written about this life-altering experience.

“The Perfect Tenant” was Trevor’s gateway into “Spooked,” and it might be a good starting point if you’re just getting into the show. This episode encapsulates the heart of the podcast, encouraging listeners to be curious about the supernatural and acknowledging it’s okay to be afraid.

In “Spooked,” host Glynn Washington introduces each story and sets the scene, then allows the guests to grab the story’s helm. The narratives are accompanied by ambient music and sound effects to enhance listeners’ experience.

We’ll hear about a kid who visits China with her cousin, and realizes he might have transformed into a non-human entity when he starts acting wacky. Blair told “Spooked” about the time he was trapped in a fog cloud. Would you listen to crows if they had messages for you? What happens when old wives’ tales are experienced in real life? Listen in as a former Walmart employee decides what to do when a sketchy lamp with an accompanying note is found outside.

What’s the Green Demon’s deal? An intern accepted a job at a museum created from two historic homes, and we find out what lurked inside. In 1967, Jerry fought in the Vietnam War. Every time he crossed paths with the same soldier, disaster struck. What happened when friends visited from the other side? And what is the other side? Night terrors? You bet. These storylines and more are brought to you by “Spooked.”

Glynn has appeared on additional podcasts including Pineapple Street Studios’ “Heaven’s Gate,” that led to HBO Max’s series, “Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults.”

The latest season of “Spooked” has scheduled releases until spring 2022. Feel free to listen in any order to its catalogue of over 100 episodes. For new episodes, tune in weekly.

Listen to ‘Spooked’

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