7 spooky supernatural podcasts to ‘creep’ it real

True Crime August 13, 2021

It’s Friday the 13th, which means it’s time to “creep” it real with podcasts that go bump in the night, shadowy figures that leap and bound, ghastly whispering from afar, flying orbs shooting across the room, and menacing tales from the unknown. These sorts of stories are ones encompassed in the show list we’ve dug up today.

Delve into the strange and unusual with these supernatural shows. We’ve collected a group of podcasts from your favorite hosts like Ashley Flowers. Many of the following podcasts overlap with true crime, so if you’re a fan of the genre, you might enjoy these shows as well:

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers

Listen to ‘Supernatural with Ashley Flowers’

Parcast Network presents “Supernatural with Ashley Flowers.” This series explores unexplained mysteries, hauntings, unidentified aerial phenomenon, mythical creatures, and the unknown. Recent editions discuss Charles Hatfield and his Rainmaking experiments, The Fox Sisters and their paranormal experiences in 1848, and the conspiracy theory of Valiant Thor. Ashley is the also the host of “Crime Junkie,” “International Infamy,” “Full Body Chills,” and others, among her long resume of podcasts.

Paranormal Mysteries Podcast

Listen to ‘Paranormal Mysteries Podcast’

The Paranormal Mysteries Podcast is hosted by Nic Ryan. Episodes investigate historical occurrences, unexplained events, and the supernatural. Listeners share their stories. Guests join Nic to answer questions on an assortment of topics such as ghosts, UFOs, cryptozoology, folklore, and legends. Nuclear tampering, doppelgängers, haunted houses, and sleep paralysis were recently studied. 2-3 new episodes are released each week.

The Grave Talks

Listen to ‘The Grave Talks’

“The Grave Talks,” brought to you by Ghost Stores, Haunted, Paranormal & Supernatural Stories, hosts guests to chat about their interactions with the unknown and what’s referred to as “the spirit world.” Host Tony Brueski loves to inject his brand of humor into each episode. Stories are shared about paranormal investigations, haunted site visits, possessions, and other phenomena.


Listen to ‘Scared?’

Philip Holmes presents “Scared?” Bigfoot sightings, Sasquatch encounters, and ghost stories are favorite topics of the show. Guests frequently share their own spooky tales. An explanation attempts to be found for the randomly-appearing lights in Chicago skies. A paranormal group in Ohio is interviewed. They contemplate the possibility of haunted dolls.

This Paranormal Life

Listen to ‘This Paranormal Life’

Humor meets frightfests in “This Paranormal Life.” Comedians Kit Grier and Rory Powers host weekly episodes concerning mysteries. The hosts research the Japanese ghost legend, Jikininki, why people find staircases in the woods, and finding odd artifacts. Other episodes explore lore like dragons, leprechauns, and conspiracy theories.

The Paranormal Podcast

Listen to ‘The Paranormal Podast’

UFOs? The Kennedys? Marilyn Monroe? Mediumship? Jim Harold isn’t afraid to explore such topics on his podcast. Paranormal talk radio host Terry Carnation was featured on a recent episode. We hear from an individual who claims witchcraft saved his life. New episodes are available bi-weekly.

A Paranormal Chicks Podcast

Listen to ‘A Paranormal Chicks Podcast’

Get ready to hear about curses, sinister sightings, crime, and all things spooky in “A Paranormal Chicks Podcast.” All episodes contain both a true crime story and a paranormal tale. Hosts Donna Elwin and Kerri Easterling are known for their conversational storytelling style.

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