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round up October 8, 2021
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“CreepsMcPasta Creepypasta Radio” dredges up disturbing lore and legends from the Interwebzzzzz. Creepypasta started when people would share horror stories and pics online and copy/paste them around, gaining popularity in the early 2000s. How’d “creepypasta” coin its name? It’s a portmanteau of the words “creepy” and “copypasta,” where “copypasta” means copy/pasted text.

The “CreepsMcPasta Creepypasta Radio” podcast has released over 800 episodes since 2019. Host CreepsMcPasta finds a selection of stories shared on Reddit’s r/nosleep thread and reads them in the podcast. It’s #SpookySZN, so we’ve selected ominous episodes to start spinning a web of Halloween vibes. The stories we’ve rounded up range from the macabre to the bizarre. And they can be horribly entertaining, especially if you’re a fan of true crime or horror films.

“I’ve worked the same job for 18 years, and I still don’t know what it is.”

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A r/nosleep Reddit user posted their experience about working the easiest job for 18 years where this person still has no idea what purpose it serves or what exactly they’re doing, since there’s no job title. The position is lucrative, and the company listed on the worker’s checks has no evidence existing as a business – online or otherwise. When it’s time to work, the person supervises a conveyor belt that rolls steel boxes. The worker scans the box with a computer program, and it’s sent into 1 of 4 different doors depending on the computer’s results. Recently, the worker decided to share the experience online because something unsettling happened, and a near-death injury occurred. Is there something dangerous in the boxes?

“I met a movie star at the bus stop. She gave me a gift I’ll never forget.”

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A movie theater worker, Brian, spends a late night working, and heads home on the bus at what he calls a nightmare stop. While waiting at the stop, he spotted an overdressed lady in the heat of summer. Brian thought it was so strange she was layered in coats and gloves. After waiting for what seemed like hours, he started talking to the lady. The bus arrived, they’re the only two travelers, and the lady sits right next to him. She begins telling him her life story. And just before leaving the bus, she presents him with a disturbing gift.

“I perform autopsies on dead astronauts.”

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A Reddit user shared one of the more frightening experiences he had while performing autopsies on dead astronauts. He often performs autopsies on mangled and burned bodies that have returned to earth. While information regarding the deaths and accidents is often classified, the pathologist has little circumstantial information to work with. When he suddenly breaks out in burning blisters after starting to inspect what looks like a burn victim, his health takes a turn. He begins to contemplate what these astronauts are encountering in space before their deaths.

“My brother disappeared into The Dark Web.”

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The Dark Web is an abyss. Can people get physically sucked into this black hole? When someone’s brother goes missing, he thinks it has something to do with his job. He was working on developing an app as a programmer. When he goes through his brother’s computer and phone, nothing stood out at first. When he sits at the computer to research one day, a different browser auto-opened on the internet, and he received a message saying he has information on the brother’s disappearance. And the deep dive he takes on the Dark Web reveals his brother’s double life. Listeners wonder how he got involved in the first place.

“I tried astral projection and something followed me back”

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We hear from a psychologist who speaks with Erin, a 16-year-old, who allegedly killed her entire family. During the interrogation, she is distraught, and reveals she didn’t commit the crimes. She and her friend experimented with seances, spells, and tried astral projection on a fluke. We hear about her experience which sounded like deep meditation. The deeper she went into the “trance,” the more terrifying it became. When she returned from the projection, she had changed, and something was with her. What a bizarre episode!

“I thought I’d found my doppelgänger, but the truth was much more terrifying”

Listen to ‘I thought I’d found my doppelgänger but the truth was much more terrifying’

A father’s phone was stolen, and around the same time, his son, Henry, is nowhere to be found. And when Henry reappears, he was dropped off by someone who looked exactly like his dad. When he goes to see how his partner Wendy is doing, she starts freaking out, thinking she is about to get attacked by who he soon realized was his doppelgänger. When the doppelgänger finds them at home later in the story, things get creepier and dangerous.

“I got myself a weighted blanket, and now I’m trapped in my room”

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Kill ’em with cozy? This Reddit story is shared by an insomnia sufferer whose condition is interfering with life. When Jason keeps falling asleep during work meetings, he gets called into his supervisor’s office. His manager asks what’s going on, and recommends a weighted blanket for more quality sleep. Jason orders one right away and makes a grisly discovery when sleeping underneath it.

The Wicker House

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The Wicker House has a reputation for being haunted. Built in the 1920s, the lady of the house was said to be isolated inside with the house’s staff including groundskeepers and maids. When a Reddit user performs extensive research, pulls public records, and reads old newspaper articles after moving to town, his interest is piqued. Tomas Wicker would visit bars and speak to the locals about his trips abroad. After returning from one of his trips, Tomas visited his frequent haunt and townspeople reported he was disheveled and appeared to be unwell. He left the bar. Patrolmen heard shrieking from the Wicker House and broke in to find Tomas slitting the maid’s throat with a knife. They made horrifying discoveries throughout the rest of the house, which we’ll hear about in the episode. This house is still reported to host strange and supernatural occurrences today.

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