#SpookySZN: Go on a ghost tour through history this Halloween with ‘Haunted Places’

History October 31, 2021
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“Haunted Places” is a ghost-hunter’s fantasy. Follow host Greg Polcyn as he gives you an audio tour of the most haunted places on the planet: from the urban legends that surround it to the true stories they stem from. Filled with historical insight, every episode investigates the hauntings that have besieged each location, from graveyards to universities to entire Belgian villages.

This October, “Haunted Places” has been indulging in the Season of the Witch, exploring the history of the Salem Witch trials and its storied witch haunts. From the Curse of Moll Dyer, a woman who died in 1697 rumored to be a sorceress, to Proctor’s Ledge, the infamous ledge where 19 women were executed during the 1692 witchcraft trials. Polcyn tours us around the area, telling us the historical facts and the urban legends about the women that still haunt those grounds.

Speaking of the 1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials, the victims were supposedly secretly buried in the Old Burying Point Cemetery and still walk amongst the graves of their accusers. While no one knows where the murdered women were truly laid to rest, enough stories of their hauntings still stalk the area to lead us to believe that they are secretly in those graves – right next to the men and women who accused them and had them sentenced to death.

For any horror movie fans out there, “Haunted Places” recently covered the urban legend of The Blair Witch Project, which had people in 1999 truly believing that three amateur filmmakers were killed outside of Burkittsville, Maryland. They created their own lore, based in some truth on the belief of women practicing malicious witchcraft from the 17th and 18th centuries. But The Blair Witch Project is a masterclass of paranormal horror and folklore, and just hearing about it is scary enough for us.

So, why not take a ghost tour through some of the most haunted places on Earth? Or hear about the urban legends that will have you sleeping with a nightlight despite their proven falsehood. “Haunted Places” is filled with exceptional music and sound design to have you feel like you’re really in a witch-haunted graveyard this Halloween. Best of luck navigating this paranormal minefield.

Listen to ‘Haunted Places’

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