#SpookySZN: ‘History Goes Bump’ will have you seeing specters tonight

History October 27, 2021
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Ghostly specters, bloody legends, and plain old horrific axe murder sites, “History Goes Bump” is dedicated to the eerie side of history. For over 7 years, “History Goes Bump” has been scouring the books for haunted towns, theaters, inns, homes and even people. An amalgamation of history, folklore, and the paranormal, every episode is a ghost tour through the most haunted places on the planet.

Hosted by Diane Student and Kelly Rang, every episode features their short segments A Moment in Oddity, like human skin shoes and the sad truth about honey bee reproduction, and This Month in History.

The Roosevelt Hotel

Hear about buildings like the haunted Roosevelt Hotel, located in the heart of Hollywood. Surrounded by stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and beckoning in guests with memories of the Golden Age of Hollywood Glamor, it used to house some of the biggest stars in Southern California.

Marilyn Monroe lived in a poolside suite for two years after her star began to rise, and she has been both seen and felt in that suite that now bears her name. The mirror from her room was also moved to the elevators, where guests have claimed to have seen her reflection in it. She has also been spotted in her favorite booth in the now-renamed Teddy’s Grill on the bottom floor of the hotel. Montgomery Clift walked the halls of the ninth floor, memorizing lines for his film From Here To Eternity. Needless to say, his ghost has been seen pacing that same floor, as well as practicing his trumpet.

Carole Lombard’s specter has been seen hanging around the penthouse she once shared with Clark Gable, and other non-celebrity ghosts have been seen in the Blossom Room. Psychics have reported a nervous looking man in a suit, and the piano can be heard being played while no one is in the room. Between guests, security guards, and maids, many have reported these sightings – but is it enough to make you believe?

How haunted is this place?

That’s probably one of the friendlier ghost stories: very limited murder. “History Goes Bump” goes beyond just your basic haunted places like Disney World and the Edinburgh Castle: hear about the hauntings of the Andrew Jackson Hotel and Napoleon House in New Orleans, of the Ghost Lights of Texas. Has Harry Houdini been able to communicate with the living from beyond the grave? Just how haunted is Westminster Abbey? And what’s freakier – a haunted cemetery or a haunted prison? We are definitely going to be listening to their Fairfield Hills Hospital episode to see if their stories match up with my grandfather’s.

Also, since you’re seeing this just in time for Halloween, “History Goes Bump” always has an extra-special, extra-spooky Halloween episode. So break out your EMF recorders and thermal binoculars, cause we are ghost-hunting tonight. Check out “History Goes Bump” for a ghost tour through recorded (and unrecorded) history.

Listen to ‘History Goes Bump’

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