‘Station Eleven: The Podcast’ is a companion listen to HBO Max’s TV show set in a fictional pandemic-ridden, post-apocalyptic world

TV & Film December 21, 2021
Listen to ‘Station Eleven: The Podcast’

“Station Eleven: The Podcast” is the companion listen to HBO Max’s TV show, Station Eleven, set in an apocalyptic world where a flu pandemic (à la COVID-19) has decimated the globe and survivors attempt to restore and rebuild society. The 10-episode TV show is based on the book by Emily St. John Mandel and was created by Patrick Somerville. In the podcast, Patrick and Angelica Jade Bastién host the series to unpack storylines, share behind-the-scenes tidbits, and explore the show’s themes.

So far, the average length of episodes is under 40 minutes long. Hear from cast and crew members all season, joining Patrick and Angelica on the podcast. Throughout the series, they’ll also discuss what it was like to work on a show about a fictional pandemic during a real-life pandemic and what parallels we can see on-screen this season. The hosts shared that the show’s pilot was shot prior to COVID-19.

The series stars Joe Pingue, Mackenzie Davis, and Himesh Patel. In episode 101 “Wheel of Fire,” the world is turning into a dumpster fire. Listeners meet characters Kirsten and Jeevan starting out as strangers. We hear about an actor dying during King Lear, a Prophet, child wrangling, dooming phone calls, and panic shopping at the supermarket. On the show, Himesh plays Jeevan and joins Patrick and Angelica for the podcast’s first 37-minute episode.

On this episode, we learn that Jeevan is a writer and the caretaker of 8-year-old Kristen. They are sheltering in place at Jeevan’s brother’s house. Patrick, Angelica, and Himesh might answer your questions that arose after watching episode 101, since it jumps to the future.

In episodes, listeners also learn how the TV show departs from the book’s storyline and ideas, originally published in 2014. Patrick explained how the adaptation’s goal was to deconstruct and reconstruct it through visual storytelling. They also discuss the show’s imagery, setting, and other decisions made by the show-runner.

Patrick Somerville is a writer and producer whose credits include HBO’s The Leftovers, Made for Love, and Netflix’s Maniac just to name a few. Angelica Jade Bastién writes for New York Magazine and Vulture.

Check out new, weekly episodes of “Station Eleven: The Podcast” wherever you listen to podcasts.

Listen to ‘Station Eleven: The Podcast’

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