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News January 25, 2022
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“Skimm This” is a weekly series presented by the popular newsletter, theSkimm. Episodes unpack the week’s most important stories and provide context to stay informed. This palatable podcast makes even the scariest of news stories less overwhelming. Besides sharing the news, “Skimm This” talks to experts like academics, reporters, medical doctors, infectious disease epidemiologists, psychologists, and more for updates on why the stories matter.

Start from the most recent release for timely news, presented in 30-minute episodes on average. Since 2019, “Skimm This” has posted over 390 episodes and counting.

Last week marked one year of President Biden’s inauguration, and White House press secretary Jen Psaki joined “Skimm This” to recap his year and share priorities for 2022. Some ongoing hurdles include getting COVID-19 under control, managing inflation, and the Ukraine-Russia crisis. This episode also explained voting rights legislation in the Senate, the Texas synagogue standoff, 5G and airlines, and more.

Later in the episode, hear about UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson under fire for breaking lockdown rules in 2020. We also heard about delays in companies returning to offices. Sundance Film Festival’s director Tabitha Jackson shared why it’s important to make indie movies accessible for viewers not attending the festival IRL.

Other recent episodes shared updates on the Omicron variant, President Biden’s plan for at-home testing kits, how to obtain these tests, order free N95 masks, and the FDA providing emergency authorization for Pfizer’s COVID-19 pill. We also learned about Kellogg’s workers’ strikes, student loan repayments pausing again, and the Elizabeth Holmes trial.

Episodes often focus on pop culture news, too. An episode from December 2021 interviewed Washington Post‘s Bethonie Butler and POLITICO Magazine‘s Joanna Weiss about reality TV dating shows in the Bachelor Nation franchise – why people keep tuning in, how they’ve been lagging in cast diversity, and the shows’ struggles to keep up with modern dating and relationship views.

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