Not a foreign policy expert? 9 podcasts breaking down everything you need to know about the Russian invasion of Ukraine

News March 3, 2022

On the morning of February 24th, Russia launched a widespread invasion against Ukraine. It’s what Ukrainian leaders had feared, Western powers anticipated, and Russia promised would never happen. Since that morning, information has moved quickly, and keeping up with this conflict is sure to be difficult.

We’ve thrown together a list of podcasts that will keep us updated on the latest news from the ground in Ukraine, about the actions NATO is taking, how the United States and other global superpowers are responding, and more. From U.S. national security and foreign policy specialists on “Pod Save The World” and “Fault Lines,” to the renowned journalists of the BBC and Axios, these podcasts about Russia/Ukraine are providing us with everything we need to know about the conflict. We’ll keep updating this list as more Russia/Ukraine podcasts are being released.

State of Ukraine podcast art

State of Ukraine

Listen to ‘State of Ukraine’

NPR has launched a new daily podcast “State of Ukraine.” In it, you’ll hear from the reporters on the ground, politicians and government officials, and troops headed towards battle. In “State of Ukraine’s” short episodes that are being released multiple times a day, you’ll hear developments as they happen, the history between Russia and Ukraine, and the possible outcomes of this war.


Listen to ‘Ukrainecast’

New from BBC Radio, “Ukrainecast” will be following the war in real time. This podcast has been updated daily since Russia’s invasion on February 24. It’s hosted by Gabriel Gatehouse, who began his career with the BBC Russian Service and is now a foreign correspondent and the International Editor for BBC Newsnight, and Victoria Derbyshire, a BBC journalist with many accolades. They are being joined by fellow BBC journalists from Ukraine and Russia, as well as former consultants to the Kremlin and more.

Tug Of War

Listen to ‘Tug Of War’

“Tug Of War” was originally a six episode podcast released in mid-2021 hosted by CNN reporter Clarissa Ward about the most volatile corners of the planet where democracy was hanging by a thread. Now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, Ward has returned with a new open-ended season of “Tug Of War” all about it. Ward speaks with CNN reporters on the ground in Ukraine to explain what’s at stake for both countries and will keep us updated on new developments. She actually visited this region in an earlier episode titled “Love, Putin,” where she looked at the Kremlin’s history of poisoning political opponents like Alexey Navalny and what it means now for future foes.

BBC Global News Podcast

Global News Podcast

Listen to ‘Global News Podcast’

The BBC World Service’s “Global News Podcast” is a daily (sometimes twice daily) news podcast delivering today’s top stories. With their esteemed team of reporters, they are bringing us stories from Kyiv and other major cities and interviewing Ukrainian citizens on Russia’s invasion. They’ve been keeping us updated on the latest Russian movements and Ukrainian reactions so far, and we know they’ll keep delivering the most up-to-date news.

Axios Today

Listen to ‘Axios Today’

From Axios and Pushkin Industries, “Axios Today” is a daily 10-minute podcast bringing us the news that matters. Hosted by Niala Boodhoo and a team of award-winning journalists, “Axios Today” has been giving us news directly from the White House on Russia’s invasion, its economic impact, and more.

World News This Week

Listen to ‘World News This Week’

ABC’s “World News This Week” releases 25-minute episodes every Friday on the most compelling news stories of the week. They cover a wide range of headlines, from pivotal court cases to school board recalls to world news. They had been staying on top of Ukraine’s border crisis before Russia attacked Thursday morning, so be sure to tune in to “World News This Week” on Fridays to hear more from them.

Pod Save The World

Listen to ‘Pod Save The World’

Tommy Vietor, who gained a lifetime of foreign policy knowledge while serving on President Obama’s National Security Council, and former deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes host “Pod Save The World.” Every Wednesday (and the occasional emergency pod when things get as crazy as they are right now), they break down the biggest global news stories with the people who are living it. “Pod Save The World” is answering all of our questions on Russia’s invasion.

Front Burner

Listen to ‘Front Burner’

“Front Burner” is a CBC News podcast taking listeners deep into the stories that are shaping Canada and the rest of the world. A daily news podcast, they focus on a wide range of news topics, from the Ottawa convoy to the latest trends. They provide an in-depth look into why Putin wants Ukraine so badly along with breaking down the action taking place.

Fault Lines

Listen to ‘Fault Lines’

“Fault Lines” is a podcast from the National Security Institute exploring the political disagreements between the left and right, specifically on issues of national security and foreign policy. Their regular cast of Jamil Jaffer, Sarah Stewart, Carmen Medina, and Lester Munson are all highly qualified on this subject matter and hold fascinating interviews with experts from across political specialties and the political spectrum. Their weekly podcast provides incredible clarity on some of the world’s most difficult political problems.

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