Stephanie Soo delves into grisly crimes, cold cases, spooky stories, and more on ‘Rotten Mango’

True Crime December 8, 2021
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Ramble’s “Rotten Mango” is a true crime podcast where host Stephanie Soo delves into grisly crimes, the psychology of killers, cold cases, and obscure spooky stories. In the podcast’s bio, Stephanie describes her series as “rotten and a little bit sweet” with a dash of comedy.

Since 2020, “Rotten Mango” has released over 130 episodes, with an average run time of 90 minutes long. Listen to the series in any order since each episode is case-specific. If the episode arc is broken into two parts, the title will let you know. Stephanie announces disclaimers in the beginning of many episodes to inform listeners of the content she’s about to discuss, such as sensitive or triggering topics. Check out new episodes posted semiweekly.

Episodes thoroughly walk listeners through each case’s disturbing details. Recent episodes covered The Olympian Mommy Killer. Hear about the “Case of the Gitchie Girl” where 5 teenagers went into the woods and only one came back alive and refused to discuss what happened. On the “Crime Show Copycat Killer” episode, learn about Jason Bautista’s mom who went missing and how police discovered he decapitated her body – then threw her off a cliff. Jason got this idea from watching crime shows, and saved his mom’s hands and head in his closet.

In other episodes, learn about the real Silence of the Lambs killer, The Barbie Doll Kidnapper, and “The Man Who Wrote Letters to Serial Killers.” In the Baskin Robbins Killer episode, authorities received a tip in 2020 that coaxed the FBI to follow new leads. In September, a “Rotten Mango” episode covered Gabby Petito‘s case. Other popular episodes include The Murder of Junko Furuta, the real life Dexter serial killer case, The Scorecard Serial Killer, and The Ripper of China.

On a recent episode of Podsauce, host Alesha recommended “Rotten Mango” as her pick of the week for true crime fans. Alesha recapped episode #88, “The Girl Under the Mattress” where the kidnapping case of 9-year-old Shannon Matthews was solved. For over 24 days, police searched the area and spent over $3.2 million of taxpayers’ dollars for the investigation. They circled back to one house and canvassed the space, focusing on one room. Police heard a muffled voice saying, “Stop it, you’re scaring me,” and followed the sound under the bed. They found Shannon under the mattress, and the case became even scarier when they found out who the kidnapper was. This story gave co-host Dax chills as Alesha explained it.

For further information on each case, Stephanie recommends books and additional resources on her podcast’s website. Stephanie is a TikToker, social media star, and posts to YouTube. She also hosts the horror/thriller podcast, “Baking a Murder.”

Check out new, semiweekly episodes of “Rotten Mango” wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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