Stephen King is now terrifying the podcast world with ‘Strawberry Spring’

Fiction September 4, 2021
Strawberry Spring podcast art
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Stephen King fans, rejoice. The King of Horror has officially entered the podcasting world with the premiere of his short-story-turned-podcast “Strawberry Spring.” From iHeartRadio and AudioUp, “Strawberry Spring” is the inaugural podcast adaptation of his 1978 short story collection Night Shift.

The story begins on March 16, 1976. It’s turning out to be another New England Strawberry Spring, a strange name given to a rare foggy weather pattern. Henry Denton, a determined reporter, hears a name on the radio he never thought he’d hear again: Springheel Jack.

He is instantly shot back to 1968 when he was just a journalism major at New Sharon College. He was working at the New Sharon college newspaper when the news of a chopped up girl hit the table. A young art major, sliced up in the fog, left for dead in the parking lot.

At this point, New Sharon College had no idea they had a serial killer on their hands. In the midst of the sixties revolution, the students of New Sharon College were none too happy to have such a police presence on campus. But soon they would find out that the suspect they brought in, the boyfriend of the murdered student, was not their murderer. And they are all in danger.

Just eight years later, in another foggy spring, Springheel Jack, a modern day Jack the Ripper, is back. He taunts Denton with his fresh kills, murdering with increasing violence. Will this spring be the end of Jack? Or will he slip away into the fog again, only to reappear with the seasons years later?

If you are not convinced by Stephen King’s name alone, “Strawberry Spring” is being directed and produced by Emmy Award winning Lee Metzger along with Philip Alberstat. The eight episode story also features the superb acting of Garrett Hedlund, Milo Ventimiglia, Herizen F. Gaurdiola, Sydney Sweeney, Ken Marino, Al Madrigal, and Brec Bassinger.

A classic King story elevated to new heights, “Strawberry Spring” is shaping up to be the scariest podcast ever made. It’s immersive sound design scarier than the movies, and you can’t see the killer coming. New episodes will be released every Wednesday, listen to the first two now wherever you stream your podcasts.

Listen to ‘Strawberry Spring’

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