Do you miss Vine as much as we do? Get ready to laugh with BFFs on ‘STEVEN with Brandon Calvillo, Vincent Marcus, and Ry Doon’

Comedy April 29, 2022
Listen to ‘STEVEN with Brandon Calvillo, Vincent Marcus, and Ry Doon’

“STEVEN with Brandon Calvillo, Vincent Marcus, and Ry Doon” is the brainchild of 3 former Vine creators and current best friends. They’re now podcasting with the simple goal of making themselves laugh and invite y’all to join the fun.

If you’d like to hear the podcast’s origin story and learn what the hosts are up to these days, start streaming from episode 1. They also introduce the theme song, a hopeful contender to win the Super Bowl and a Grammy, in their humblest opinion. Brandon, Vincent, and Ry chatted about possible podcast mission statements, riffed on comedy bits, and more. Check out new, weekly episodes running less than an hour so far.

Vincent does voiceover work and is known for his impressions. He made it to the semi-finals on America’s Got Talent and flawlessly impersonated rappers like Eminem & Snoop Dogg and added some beatboxing into his performances. Ry is a comedian, a clinical psychology grad student, and formerly co-hosted “I’m Sorry Dad Podcast” with Brandon where they laughed at the dark side of life in 2020. Brandon wrote and published a novel, The Haystack. The trio are also separately active on social media and migrated to TikTok in recent years.

In episode 1, Brandon shares that he fears his cohosts, and they talked about scare pranks. We get some recommendations from Ry, and Vincent flexes his voiceover skills. The show started because they love listening to and hosting podcasts. They have a great time goofing around when they get together, so they figured they’d record some of their hangs. On the first episode, they also shared thoughts on going back to school.

Brandon, Vincent, and Ry share a slew of personal updates in their free-flowing conversations. Who’s stealing Vincent’s mail in episode 2? In this episode, they also bonded over childhood trauma.

“STEVEN with Brandon Calvillo, Vincent Marcus, and Ry Doon” is presented by I’m Sorry Studios. In the future, the hosts are planning to post video versions of podcast episodes on YouTube.

Listen to ‘STEVEN with Brandon Calvillo, Vincent Marcus, and Ry Doon’

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