#TBT: ‘Stuck in the ’80s Podcast’ rides the nostalgic wave of pop culture, movies, music, and more

Society & Culture January 13, 2022
Listen to ‘Stuck in the ’80s Podcast’

This Throwback Thursday, we’re time traveling to the 1980s with the “Stuck in the ’80s Podcast,” presented by hosts Steve Spears and Brad Williams. Fall back into nostalgia and reminisce by listening to episodes on pop culture moments, MTV breakthroughs, movies, music, and more. In episodes, the hosts will interview guests, authors, musicians, and filmmakers about the ’80s and beyond.

Since 2005, this series has released over 630 episodes and counting. Tune into the series in any order, since most are standalone and topical.

A recent episode unpacked the unlikeliest cover songs of the ’80s including tracks from Animotion, Pat Benatar, and Whitney Houston. They explained the history of these songs and artists. Steve and Brad explore #2 hits from the ’80s in “Close but No Cigar” episodes and discuss hits by Prince, George Michael, and Whitesnake, just to name a few examples from 1987. In this same episode, they dove into the comedy/drama TV show, Eli Stone. In September 2021, Rolling Stone journalist Annie Zaleski stopped by the podcast to explain how Rolling Stone altered its 500 Greatest Songs list. She’s also on the voting panel and discusses the songs selected.

In November, Steve covered the new version of Dune, and surprisingly, he loved it. The hosts chatted with author Brooke Vitale on writing The Goonies’ Book For Kids and remembering the iconic film.

Music historian and author Tim English compiled a 1980s playlist and shared what music inspired John Lennon post-Beatles and what he listened to before Double Fantasy. In an episode from 2019, the hosts ranked bands’ and artists’ songs that were two-hit-wonders.

Some episodes commemorate legends we’ve lost, dedicated to folks like Eddie Van Halen, Prince, Kenny Rodgers, Rush’s Neal Peart, The Cars’ Ric Ocasek, and more.

There are episodes on 1980s classic films, including themed lists such as top 10 dance movies like Fame, Tap, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and Footloose. Other episodes recap ’80s films that deserve remakes and favorite New York City ’80s films. Author Chris Clews stopped by the show in 2020 to share what pop culture can teach us about the modern workplace. The hosts share tons of personal anecdotes, including an episode all about the oddest part-time gigs they held in the ’80s.

There was an episode last summer remembering advertisement jingles that are buried in the hosts’ brains forever, revisiting ones from Nair, Shasta, and McDonald’s – and one all about ’80s commercials like Dr. Pepper, Folgers, and Toys R Us.

Have a blast from the past while listening to “Stuck in the ’80s Podcast,” wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Stuck in the ’80s Podcast’

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