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Society & Culture December 15, 2021
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In a recent episode of Podsauce, hosts Alesha and Dax said they like to hear random tidbits to share instead of small talk, contribute to dinner parties’ convos, and tune into shows like “Stuff You Should Know” to learn more. They consider this popular iHeartPodcasts series a great option for car trips and beyond. Hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant report on a wide variety of topics on “Stuff You Should Know” and bring their signature brand of humor and affable banter to each episode.

Since 2008, “Stuff You Should Know” has released over 1,800 episodes and counting. The average length of episodes is an hour long, and feel free to stream the topic-specific releases in any order. The series uploads “Short Stuff” episodes that are under 20 minutes long for time-crunched listeners. The episodes labeled “Selects” are re-broadcasts of the show’s favorite and classic episodes.

What’s great about this series is it spans different genres. Science, true crime, animals, politics, and history? You bet! And the hosts’ engaging approach to each subject is quite possibly why the series has attracted such a devout fan base.

A recent episode explained the medical reasoning behind your funny bone and why hitting that nerve causes an uncomfortable sensation. For more body-based episodes, tune into “Your Gut is also a Brain,” bringing you back to bio class for a rundown on how smart your digestive system is. It’s amazing to hear how trillions of gut bacteria communicate with the brain.

In past episodes we learned about chaos theory, grassoline (could grass work as car fuel?), and Satanism. The Dyatlov Pass Mystery episode explored the time a Soviet skiing party went missing in 1959 and what conspiracy theories arose. In “The Tylenol Murders” episode, hear about a 1980s drug tampering case, where victims unknowingly took pain killers laced with cyanide.

An early 2021 episode investigated the “Science of Cute” because there’s a study explaining why we think baby animals, etc. are adorable! There are holiday episodes about the history of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

In 2020, Josh and Chuck released a book inspired by the podcast called Stuff You Should Know: An Incomplete Compendium of Mostly Interesting Things.

Check out new, weekly episodes of “Stuff You Should Know” wherever you listen to podcasts.

Listen to ‘Stuff You Should Know’

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