True crime for bedtime: Mike Boudet shares shocking stories on ‘Sword and Scale Nightmares’

True Crime March 13, 2023
Listen to ‘Sword and Scale Nightmares’

“Sword and Scale Nightmares” is ready for bedtime and sharing disturbing true crime stories in weekly episodes. Fans of “Sword and Scale” will naturally want to add this new podcast to their queue as host Mike Boudet is bringing his excellent storytelling skills to “Nightmares.”

In the trailer, Boudet explained how he decided to create this new podcast filled with engaging, jaw-dropping, and terrifying tales. He shared that there are so many stories he wanted to dive into that did not fit “Sword and Scale’s” original format.

“Sword and Scale” frequently uses audio clips ranging from 911 calls to investigators‘ interrogation room clips, trial testimonies, and new interviews with people involved in the cases at hand. Since each case differs, sometimes audio clips are not available or do not exist.

Boudet said that over the years, many listeners shared that they listen to “Sword and Scale” before bedtime. So, this new podcast’s episodes are presented as true crime bedtime stories covering real tales from how scary the world can be.

When a young Navy Seaman disappeared in 1986 from the British naval base, Gibraltar, his parents searched for fifteen years to no avail. In 2001, Simon and two other missing cadets were linked – the cadets’ remains were found, but Simon’s body was not discovered. Later on, investigators revealed that all three could have fallen victim to one of England’s worst serial killers. Learn more about this case in an episode.

Another episode covered what happened when two Floridian tourists were flagged down by a distressed and injured woman who emerged from the highway’s underbrush on the side of a road. The guys began helping the woman, Shandelle Maycock, but she was more concerned about who the perpetrator was and where her child could be.

We think fans of “Generation Why” and “MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories” will appreciate Boudet’s series. Tune in weekly for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Sword and Scale Nightmares’

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