‘Sympathy Pains,’ ‘Dr. Death,’ ‘The Vaping Fix,’ and more enthralling podcasts from journalist Laura Beil

round up May 27, 2022

Award-winning journalist, reporter, and podcast host Laura Beil specializes in health and science stories. We’ve been listening to Beil’s outstanding roster of podcasts and included them below. Beil’s recent series, “Sympathy Pains,” reveals a con artist’s story who feeds on sympathy and goes beyond your typical cash-swindling operation.

Laura Beil hosts all seasons of “Dr. Death,” sharing 3 different and shocking stories of true crime, medical malpractice, deception, abuse, and betrayal. There’s a series about JUUL and the vaping industry. In “Bad Batch,” hear about a stem cell company where patients ended up in critical condition.

This list is filled with great podcast picks for listeners who enjoy hearing one narrative over several, bingeable episodes.

Sympathy Pains podcast art

Sympathy Pains

Listen to ‘Sympathy Pains’

iHeartPodcasts’ “Sympathy Pains” tells Sarah Delashmit’s story, a con artist claiming she suffered from cancer, a variety of illnesses, issues, and abuses over the years. Beil walks listeners through Delashmit’s 20 years of deceptive behavior, preying on others for attention, sympathy, money, and swindling charities and nonprofits out of benefits and other things. But, we learn that money wasn’t her only objective. What was she really after? Hear how justice comes into play if no technical laws have been broken.

Dr. Death podcast art

Dr. Death | S1: Dr. Duntsch

Listen to ‘Dr. Death | S1: Dr. Duntsch’

Dr. Christopher Duntsch was considered a “Miracle Man,” a confident Dallas neurosurgeon claiming he could remedy your serious back pain if all else failed. He performed surgeries on trusting patients who began experiencing complications and were maimed for life.

Hear all about Duntsch’s crimes and eventual convictions in this podcast that was adapted into a scripted drama on Peacock. Check out the bonus episodes for conversations with the TV show’s cast including Christian Slater, AnnaSophia Robb, Grace Gummer, and more.

Dr. Death Season 2

Dr. Death | S2: Dr. Fata

Listen to ‘Dr. Death | S2: Dr. Fata’

Dr. Farid Fata practiced medicine in Michigan and provided cancer treatments to clientele believing they were getting the best care. Wondery’s “Dr. Death” Season 2 chronicles Dr. Fata’s secrets and shares that he was not the person he claimed to be – from his educational background to professional experience and bedside manner, cracks appeared in the facade. His patients faced pain and death. Tune in for the complete story and hear if justice was served.

Dr. Death: Miracle Man

Dr. Death | S3: Miracle Man

Listen to ‘Dr. Death | S3: Miracle Man’

World-renowned surgeon Paolo Macchiarini changed his patients’ lives with what they thought would be ground-breaking surgeries. TV producer Benita Alexander covered his story and became deeply involved. Benita uncovered lurking secrets as they grew closer and traveled around the world. 4 doctors from a prestigious medical institute made alarming discoveries and began questioning everything. This series is presented by Wondery.

Bad Batch

Listen to ‘Bad Batch’

Wondery’s “Bad Batch” is a 6-part investigative series about patients in Texas searching for cures and winding up in critical condition. What went wrong? The story is traced to a stem cell company, a CEO, and explores the multibillion dollar stem cell industry where “greed and desperation collide.”

The Vaping Fix

Listen to ‘The Vaping Fix’

“The Vaping Fix” unpacks how JUUL got started. It’s a story of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship, politics, greed, and initial hopes to change the tobacco industry with a new product. What happens when vaping devices are used by teenagers, and what can be done to protect them? This Wondery podcast explores JUUL and the crisis that followed.

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