Paranormal prisoners, killer employees, stalkers, and more: ‘Tales from the Break Room’ shares workplace horror stories

True Crime August 29, 2022
Tales from the Break Room
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“Tales from the Break Room” shares workplace horror stories and disturbing events survived during commutes sent in from listeners all over the world. Tune in for *allegedly true* harrowing tales, true crimes, and the scariest moments workers experienced while on the clock.

So far, Eeriecast Network’s series has released over 15 standalone episodes to stream in any order. For short story compilations grouped by specific themes, check out “night shift horror stories,” “retail horror stories,” and more. The average episode runs less than 45 minutes, with several episodes focusing on just 1 story if you prefer longer narratives.

What happens if you bring something horrifying back to work after a chill vacation? In an episode, you’ll hear about “Mr. M’s Ghost Buddies from Shiro.” Military bases house many secrets, but what’s really creeping around Fort Aberdeen? In another episode, hear back-to-back stories about a nightmare-inducing walk home from work and a disturbed neighbor spying on a resident’s entire life. House calls for service sound like horror film plots. Hear about a furnace repair turned nightmare, killer employees, life-ruining customers, and more encounters.

There’s an episode sharing horrors when a teenage student stalked a teacher. A worker was almost kidnapped and human trafficked while working the night shift. There are creepy tales about mysterious customers, restless spirits, haunted hospitals, assisted living centers, supernatural prisoners, and stumbling across monsters when house sitting. One listener found themselves locked in sheer terror, “trapped in another world” during a work commute, and we’ll hear why it turned into the longest drive.

Some episodes feature creepypasta stories you might already be familiar with. Tune in for a story that explains why the scariest things at Chuck E. Cheese aren’t the animatronics. The episodes involving walks home alone will make you check your locks several times before hitting the hay.

Listeners are welcome to submit their scariest work experiences here. “Tales from the Break Room” releases new, weekly episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Tales from the Break Room’

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