A black market kidney gives Tatiana Maslany’s character magical powers in the drama podcast ‘Power Trip’

Fiction July 31, 2022
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From Realm comes “Power Trip,” a fictional series starring Tatiana Maslany as Jane, a gal using New York City’s dating scene as her playground as she makes a startling discovery about her life. After Jane receives a black-market kidney donation, she’s bestowed with mysterious powers and realizes she might not be the only one.

Jane’s life-threatening kidney disease once caused her to perpetually struggle and miss out on her dream writing career, love, and full mobility. According to Jane, she even missed her train to work on a daily basis. But this is no longer the case.

Now with her special powers, any wish is her command as she summons free drinks, dates on command, amazing writing opportunities that finally pay her bills, and people start taking her seriously. The only caveat is she must keep her truth a secret at all costs.

With her new powers, Jane first felt isolated until she found a freakishly-powerful group named “Power Hour,” met its members, and nothing seemed to work according to plan. All members harbor great secrets they share with each other, and Jane learns what each person uses their power for. It’s like a quirky support group.

Stream “Power Trip” from episode 1, with early access to binge for subscribers and free, weekly episodes for everyone else. Written by Mary Hamilton and Cara Horner, this series also features performances by Lisa Loeb and Brendan Hines.

By the second episode, we hear more about “Power Hour,” and Jane learns one of the group’s members, Leah, thinks she’s a hot mess. By episode 6, Jane’s love life is getting out of control, and there’s an unexpected resolution in episode 7. In the last episode, Jane is given a chance to piece her life back together.

It’s an edgy drama we recommend for fans of “Orphan Black: The Next Chapter,” “Listening In,” or TV shows like Fleabag. Check out “Power Trip’s” new episodes this summer, wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Power Trip’

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