‘That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast’ is where ‘My Favorite Murder’ and ‘Law & Order’ meet

TV & Film January 31, 2022
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Listen to ‘That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast’

Liza Treyger and Kara Klenk are comedians and self-described amatuer detectives who investigate the vicious felonies portrayed on the popular television show Law & Order: SVU. Well, they do more than that, but that is one of their calling cards. Each week, on “That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast,” they break down an episode of the long-running crime drama, decode the actual murder that’s being fictionally portrayed, and even sit down for some chats with the people we see on screen.

Going in no particular order through the show, “That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast” has over 65 episodes in its feed. Episodes are a solid 120 minutes on average, filled with glorious banter that is a staple of Karen Kilgariff’s and Georgia Hardstark’s Exactly Right podcast network.

If you find yourself at the fandom intersection of “My Favorite Murder” and Law & Order: SVU, then you’re welcome. Because “That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast” is the ideal blend of hilarious hosts who just want to hang out and talk murder, both fictional and true. Liza and Kara will have you marking every Tuesday on your calendar as you anxiously await the next time you can hang out with your new favorite friends.

Every episode, they recap what seems to be their favorite episodes, extremely popular episodes, or episodes that were a bit heavy-handed when it came to disguising the real cases the episode’s murder was based on. Some of their listeners have never even seen a single episode of SVU! They seem to have just as big of a true crime following as they do a television-rewatch podcast following.

Their recaps of the episodes are to die for, even if the episode itself is particularly gruesome. Their side commentary is side-splitting and they are both ready to voice what they would have done instead. With amazing access to the production of the show and ability to bring on character actors that you’ve probably seen beyond a few episodes of SVU, “That’s Messed Up” covers all of the bases when it comes to a podcast like this.

Do yourself a favor and take a listen to “That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast.” It’s everything you could possibly desire from a podcast about a television show: actor interviews, hilarious analysis, and murder. Here’s hoping they’ll be able to get through all 23 seasons of SVU and counting.

Listen to ‘That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast’

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