Round of applause for the 2022 International Women’s Podcast Award winners

round up September 30, 2022

The 2022 International Women’s Podcast Awards celebrate women and non-binary individuals’ work in podcasting, from hosts to behind-the-scenes contributors who have created memorable content and powerful shows. The awards were hosted by comedian, podcaster and writer, Deborah Frances-White at The Conduit in London. Deborah hosts “The Guilty Feminist” podcast.

We’ve rounded-up the complete list of award-winning podcasts. Tune in for fascinating listens like “Effin’ Hormones,” “The Convex Conversation,” and “Taking On Putin.”

Effin’ Hormones

Listen to ‘Effin’ Hormones’

Helen Brown, Emma Goswell, Beena Khetani, and Terri Sweeney won The Amazon Music and Wondery Moment of Comedy Gold award for “Effin’ Hormones.” This empowering series tackles important questions and no topic is off limits. Join the hosts as they navigate through perimenopause and menopause in 10+ episodes.

Taking On Putin

Listen to ‘Taking On Putin’

Journalist John Sweeney has been following Vladimir Putin’s story for 22 years. Since John first learned of the Russian army’s war crimes led by Putin in Chechnya, John has seen more evidence as years have gone by. This podcast reports from Kyiv and has released 13 episodes. “Taking On Putin’s” Laura Sheeter won The Acast Moment of Behind-The-Scenes Brilliance award.



Listen to ‘Culturati’

Breakbeat Media’s “Culturati” is hosted by cultural critic, media maven, and editor Kierna Mayo. Each episode, is “a colorful sonic world where Black women from Gen X to Gen Z— bougie and ratchet notwithstanding — are the official standard-bearers.” Tune in for hot topics, thought-provoking conversations, and guests like comedian/ television host W. Kamau Bell, feminist foodie Tanya Fields, Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest, and Honey magazine co-founder Joicelyn Dingle. This series won in The Focusrite Moment of Raw Emotion category.

The Convex Conversation

Listen to ‘The Convex Conversation’

“The Convex Conversation” won The Captivate FM Moment of Entrepreneurial Inspiration award. Hosted by journalist and broadcaster Helen Fospero, this series interviews business leaders, artists, writers, actors, athletes, and more on their journeys.

28ish Days Later

Listen to ’28ish Days Later’

BBC Podcasts’ “28ish Days Later” explores the menstrual cycle with host India Rakusen. Episodes share facts, interviews with professors, doctors, couples, and other guests around the globe. India also unpacks stigmas from history, PMS, medical science, endometriosis, and more in over 20 episodes. “28ish Days Later” won The Moment of Insight From A Role Model award.



Listen to ‘Afroqueer’

This Blubrry Moment of Dramatic Tension-winning podcast highlights queer Africans living, thriving, surviving, and loving in Africa and the Diaspora. “Afroqueer” is hosted by Selly Thiam and shares inspirational stories in over 30 episodes.

The Divorce Social

Listen to ‘The Divorce Social’

Actor, author, and broadcsater Samantha Baines interviews guests about breakups and divorce on “The Divorce Social.” This podcast won in The Moment of Touching Honesty category and shares lighthearted takes on some of the messiest and most wonderful situations – from signing divorce papers to selling your ex’s things online.

Deer Humans

Listen to ‘Deer Humans’

Host Eve Bishop won in The Moment of Calm Unflappability category. Her series, “Deer Humans,” treks to the East End of Long Island, New York to explore the local deer population’s threats toward humans and non-humans – from causing car accidents to spreading lyme disease and contributing to a growing ecological imbalance, this podcast shares possible solutions examined by the community and the local tensions that continue to rise.

The Long Time Academy

Listen to ‘The Long Time Academy’

Lina Prestwood, Ella Saltmarshe, and Madeleine Finlay won The Moment of Visionary Leadership award for “The Long Time Academy.” Through encouraging conversations, this documentary series discusses how we interact with time, face problems, and grapple with everyday threats. Check out over 10 episodes presented by Headspace.

Out There

Listen to ‘Out There’

Willow Belden’s “Out There” is a captivating podcast exploring the vast wilderness. This series won The Shure Award For Changing The World One Moment At A Time. Tune in for stories about experiencing nature, a mountain bike race, scuba diving, adventures, and misadventures in the great outdoors.

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