9 art history podcasts that will have you feeling like Tom Hanks in ‘The Da Vinci Code’

Arts August 6, 2021

Art history podcasts are making art history interesting again. Art is one of the few things that connects humans of the ancient past with humans of today. We have forever been drawing, painting and sculpting just in the name of expression.

From cave paintings, to Ancient Egyptian art found in Great Pyramids, to Michaelangelo to Kahlo, art changes with society. Art gives us a view of the beliefs held before our time and social movements that were on the rise in past centuries. Lots of art history is bloody and mysterious as well: artists are still known for being just a little melodramatic. So, learn everything you want to know about art from the most interesting art history podcasts out there:

ArtCurious Podcast

Listen to ‘ArtCurious Podcast’

Jennifer Dasal will be quick to convince you that art history is the weirdest, funniest, most mysterious subject you could ever learn about. “ArtCurious Podcast” covers the strangest stories that the art world has to offer. Is Edvard Munch’s The Dead Mother cursed? Is the Mona Lisa Fake? Who killed Ana Mendieta? “ArtCurious” is a mix of true crime, mystery, and the bizarre history of art all wrapped up in Dasal’s brilliant storytelling.

The Art History Babes

Listen to ‘The Art History Babes’

Friends and art history fanatics Corrie, Nat, Ginny, and Jen sit down to talk all things visual. They talk about everything pertaining to art, form the history of art in Mexico, to the difference between finding inspiration and full-on stealing. So if you’re looking to hear about the imagery behind The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse or just some good old haunted paintings, check out “The Art History Babes.”


Listen to ‘ArtHoles’

Michael Anthony has learned a lot about art since starting this podcast. He started “ArtHoles” with literally no knowledge of either art or art history, but three years later, here we are. He painstakingly researches his topics, providing in-depth background on famous artists and what they are known (and not known) for. So far, he has covered Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Caravaggio, and Frida Kahlo, and we can’t wait to hear who his next subject is.


Listen to ‘PORTRAITS’

“PORTRAITS” is an audio tour through the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. Director Kim Sajet sits down with artists, curators, and historians to discuss the portraits that adorn the Gallery. From Presidents to scientists to the women of the Civil War, take a virtual tour of the Gallery that tells a story of human identity throughout history.

Art History for All

Listen to ‘Art History for All’

“Art History for All” is a podcast that wants to make art accessible. This podcast wants to look beyond traditional art and consider the global history of art in a more casual way. “Art History for All” asks “so what?” about everything we learn so we can learn how art from across human history has relevance today.

The Great Women Artists Podcast

Listen to ‘The Great Women Artists Podcast’

What originally started as an Instagram page (@thegreatwomenartists) is now a podcast celebrating the women who create the world’s masterpieces. Art historian and curator Katy Hessel interviews artists, curators, writers, and art lovers about the female artists that hold a special place in their heart. Learn about the women who helped shaped the art world and the women who are doing it today.

Stuff About Things: An Art History Podcast

Listen to ‘Stuff About Things: An Art History Podcast’

Lindsey Sheedy hosts one of the most entertaining and intelligent art history podcasts on the web: “Stuff about Things: An Art History Podcast”. Her monthly episodes are extremely deep dives into a particular work of art, artist, or art-related issue. Every episode, she brings her sense of humor and greater sense of curiosity to every subject, and her teaching still seems to be a natural talent. “Stuff about Things: An Art History Podcast” is a treasure for artists and non-artists alike.

The Renaissance: A History of Renaissance Art

Listen to ‘The Renaissance: A History of Renaissance Art’

Calling all Renaissance art fanatics: for a more focused listening experience, check out “The Renaissance: A History of Renaissance Art.” Host David Byrd has been on hiatus for some time, but his episodes are highly researched and come with visual supplementals on his website: therenaissancepodcast.com. Byrd has a wealth of Renaissance knowledge and his podcast is filled with captivating information on the lives of Renaissance artists and their works.

The Lonely Palette

Listen to ‘The Lonely Palette’

“The Lonely Palette” is a podcast that is making art accessible one painting at a time. Tamar Avishai ambushes unsuspecting museum visitors in front of Avishai’s painting of the day, curious about their knowledge and feelings on what they are looking at. From there, she plummets into the history of the work, dissecting the social context of its creation, the movement it represents, and anything else we need to understand it.


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