‘The Carpool with Kelly and Lizz’: Kelly Stumpe and Lizz Suntrup are the auto-industry ‘Cardashians’

Society & Culture February 7, 2022
The Carpool with Kelly and Lizz
Listen to ‘The Carpool with Kelly and Lizz’

YouTubers, Instagrammers, and sisters Kelly Stumpe and Lizz Suntrup sped into the podcasting world with their informative and entertaining series, “The Carpool with Kelly and Lizz.” You might know the duo as auto-industry experts, reviewing cars and sharing advice in their videos. On the podcast, they’ll host fun conversations, share news, and play games while creating a “Mom Time Off” space for listeners.

So far, the series has released over three episodes to stream in any order if you’re already familiar with Kelly and Lizz. New fans should begin at episode 1, serving as “The Carpool Podcast GPS” to learn more about the hosts, upcoming topics, and the show’s format. FYI, the first episode was recorded in December, so pardon their festive eggnog drinking if you’re listening later this winter.

Kelly is a mom who works from home and wanted to start a project that would serve as a fun break from her busy schedule. Lizz is in the midst of planning a wedding and is happy to chat with her sister on the podcast’s weekly episodes. As best friends, business partners, and sisters, Kelly and Lizz have a unique bond, as evident in the episodes’ banter.

In the first episode, Lizz and Kelly did a millennial slang vocab lesson and shared a salmon recipe. They unpacked 2010 high school beauty trends and ranked the worst after determining they’re all quite “bad.” Recently, the hosts investigated auto industry trends and updates like increased demand for used cars and the chameleon-like, color-changing BMW.

Kris Suntrup, their mom, stopped by the second episode to share wisdom, discover millennial terms, which cars they’re currently driving, and more. They discussed cocktails, cooking, and why chicken Caesar salad wraps work well for dinner. Listeners will learn why Lizz and Kelly call themselves the “Cardashians” of the auto industry.

This series is presented by The Car Mom LLC / tentwentytwo Projects, and you can catch new, weekly episodes wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘The Carpool with Kelly and Lizz’

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