‘The Catch and Kill Podcast’ goes beyond just Harvey Weinstein

News July 30, 2021
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From 2017 to 2019, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Ronan Farrow followed clues that led him to Harvey Weinstein and a trail of other powerful men accused of horrible crimes. The investigation extended from Hollywood to D.C., and led to the downfall of the film industry’s most powerful sexual abuser. Farrow uncovers an institution designed to cover up heinous abuses committed by those at the top, in “The Catch and Kill Podcast.”

Farrow was not the only person who helped bring down a monster, though. “The Catch and Kill Podcast” has a wide variety of accomplices: from international spies to courageous whistleblowers. Farrow also co-investigated this story with veteran TV producer and NBC News correspondent, Rick Hugh, who stayed behind at NBC to watch the fallout of Farrow bringing their investigation to The New Yorker.

“The Catch and Kill Podcast” explores some of the darkest recesses of humanity. The story begins with private investigator Igor Ostrovskiy being contracted to spy on our host, Farrow. Ostrovskiy eventually finds that his secret client was Israel-based agency, with roots to Mossad, Black Cube, working on behalf of Weinstein. From there, the story begins to unravel. Farrow and McHugh interview some of the women who suffered under Weinstein: some wore wires on behalf of the NYPD, some declined to interview at all.

After Weinstein’s arrest in May of 2018, news of his heinous acts made headlines. Hollywood was hit by tsunami of accusations: fingers pointed at fellow actors who maybe knew of Weinstein’s crimes, fellow administrators who covered up what he did, other executives following in his footsteps. The criminal trial was flooded with abuses that went back decades. The fallout was enormous. The public was enraged. And Hollywood was scared.

But, Farrow did not stop with Weinstein’s arrest. He continued to follow the trail that led to the most powerful man in America: former President Donald Trump. And that trail led far beyond quid pro quos and the Biden’s.

In a twisted exposeé of the elite, Pineapple Street Studio’s “The Catch and Kill Podcast” is an intriguing, gut wrenching, terrifying glimpse behind the curtain. Farrow’s storytelling is impeccable, and his investigative skills are even more impressive. While this podcast is an incredible piece of journalism, do be warned that it is a difficult listen of extremely difficult topics. “The Catch and Kill Podcast” is shining a brilliant light on the evil-doings of those who once seemed untouchable.

Listen to ‘The Catch and Kill Podcast’

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