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Society & Culture November 4, 2021
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There are not many podcasts more timely and provocative than “The Cut.” While “The Cut” is actually a weekly audio magazine exploring topics from culture to sex to politics and more, each episode is 30 minutes of diving into a singular question.

Questions like “So Now You Wanna Free Britney Too, Huh?” and “Why Try?” or “Can Poker Help You Win at Life?” This podcast is filled with sharp and poignant stories about life. About the conversations that matter most in this cultural moment. It is thoughtful, intelligent and has thorough conversations from skilled storytellers who are endlessly curious. Interesting and thought-provoking, “The Cut” is asking questions before you can even think of them and sharing the most contemporary stories straight from the source.

A recent episode, titled “Maybe You Should Go Outside” addresses a problem nearly all city-slickers have dealt with since the pandemic: getting enough fresh air. A few years ago, guest Stephanie Foo found herself having a full mental breakdown: she was burnt out, anxious at the state of the world, and a New York City transplant from LA.

She found herself turning to the one thing that always brought her peace: nature. Now, it’s not so easy to find in the concrete jungle, but there are decent patches of it, Foo found. In a conversation with host Jazmin Aguilera, Foo describes what she’s learned by becoming a park steward. From the lessons she learned from indigenous people about giving back to a planet that gives so much to us, to learning the names of plants growing between cracks in the sidewalks to give herself a sense of community.

Another episode from earlier this August titled “Why Does the Internet Hate Black Women?” is a look at the criticism and bullying of Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, and Megan Thee Stallion have had to face on social media. Faceless (and sometimes nameless) nobodies who seemed to have nothing but contempt for some of the most successful professionals in their respective industries. One of “The Cut’s” two hosts, B.A. Parker, sat down with Moya Bailey and Zeba Blay to take a deep look at misogynoir in America and the different social confines Black women are expected to adhere to.

“The Cut” is trying to look at different perspectives to find answers to questions about whether or not to have children, run for office, or move back home with your parents. For intimate yet probing stories weekly, “The Cut” will have you looking inward to answer some of life’s hardest questions. With a generous amount of charm and a splash of wit, “The Cut” is bound to become your weekly meditation session.

Listen to ‘The Cut’

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