Calling all fangirls: 9 podcasts that uncover little-known facts about celebrities

Society & Culture August 4, 2021

TV, film and music celebrities have been branching out into the podcasting sphere for years now. The draw of their household names makes for an easy Google result for their podcasts. But what are the best celebrity interview podcasts? Who gets the most interesting information from their guests? What are the little-known facts that you will only hear from an in-depth sit-down with some of the biggest names in entertainment?

We have answers! Whether you are looking to musicians for advice on how to advance your art, or actors talking about their humble beginnings, this list is for you. From the likes of Darren Criss to Alice Cooper, RuPaul Charles to Russell Brand, these are some of the best podcasts featuring celebrities interviewing celebrities.

That Thing I Do

Listen to ‘That Thing I Do’

Super talented friends Darren Criss (Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor) and Este Haim (Grammy nominated bassist in HAIM) are determined to find out what makes people different. With a mutual love for all things music and pop culture (makes sense), they take deep dives into the lives and loves of their guests. They dissect the funny and weird quirks that have led to people’s success. They want to know what makes people special even in the most minute of ways. From Cadence13 comes “That Thing I Do”.

Table Manners with Jessie Ware

Listen to ‘Table Manners with Jessie Ware’

Jessie Ware chats with celebrities from her dinner table over a home-cooked meal from mom. Every week, a new guest talks about the art, culture, politics, whatever is feeding their brain. With a load of side conversations, a sprinkle of curse words, and just a dash of oversharing, this podcast is the perfect recipe for a great time. Recent guests have included Annie Murphy, Michelin chef Andrew Wong, and Michelle Visage. Listen to “Table Manners with Jessie Ware” for friendly conversation over some beautiful food.

Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine

Listen to ‘Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine’

Host Ilana Levine gets deep with the stars of Broadway, television, and film. Her guests are Emmy, Tony, Academy and Grammy Award winners like Ben Platt, Kristin Chenoweth and Molly Ringwald. “Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine” is an intimate conversation between old friends, and you’ll learn all about what makes her friends tick.

Alice Cooper’s Vintage Vault

Listen to ‘Alice Cooper’s Vintage Vault’

Alice Cooper gathers literally the biggest names in rock and roll to talk about their music, careers, and lives between gigs. Though it’s only 13 episodes, it’s 13 episodes of rock and roll royalty. Listen to Cooper interview Slash, Brian May, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, Paul McCartney and more. This is hands down the coolest podcast you’ll ever listen to.

Anna Faris is Unqualified

Listen to ‘Anna Faris is Unqualified’

She has to be qualified by now, right? One of the top podcasts in the world, “Anna Faris is Unqualified” is a weekly experiment Faris is conducting to see deeper into other people’s worlds. Her guests span topics far and wide: from true crime, to comedy, to food and literature. Faris and friends dole out advice to callers that may or may not be helpful. While she herself is unqualified, her guests certainly are not. “Anna Faris is Unqualified” is an Unqualified Media production.

What’s The Tee? with Michelle Visage

Listen to ‘ What’s The Tee? with Michelle Visage’

RuPaul Charles and Michelle Visage are pop culture geniuses and pop culture icons in their own right. They are also incredible interviewers. On “What’s The Tee? with Michelle Visage”, the two lifelong best friends interview the most iconic celebrities that have guest judged on their show, RuPaul’s Drag Race. Figures like Whoopi Goldberg, Jeff Golblum, Nicki Minaj, and Robyn have the time of their lives on “What’s The Tee?” Also listen to the most famous drag queens that have ever graced the Drag Race stage: from Bob the Drag Queen, to Bianca Del Rio and Katya. Charles and Visage talk all things pop culture, beauty advice and Rupaul’s Drag Race.

Walking the Floor with Chris Shiflett Podcast

Listen to ‘Walking the Floor with Chris Shiflett Podcast’

Chris Shiflett, the guitarist for bands like Foo Fighters, Dead Peasants, and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, hosts his podcast “Walking The Floor.” His guests range from musicians, writers, athletes, and artists talking about their inspirations, successes, and struggles. Guests span various genres and their careers span decades; from Merle Haggard, to Dwight Yoakam and more.

Under the Skin with Russell Brand

Listen to ‘Under the Skin with Russell Brand’

Russell Brand has created one of the smartest interview podcasts online today. In “Under the Skin with Russell Brand,” Brand seeks to find answers about art, culture, academia and politics. He reaches across the aisle to find every viewpoint possible. A Luminary original podcast, “Under the Skin with Russell Brand” is thought-provoking while at the same time, deeply funny.

Score: The Podcast

Listen to ‘Score: The Podcast’

After the success of the film SCORE: A FILM MUSIC DOCUMENTARY, hosts Robert Kraft and Kenny Holmes created the hit podcast “Score: The Podcast”. Our hosts interview Hollywood’s most beloved music makers on their inspirations, musical loves, and favorite films. With absolutely star-studded, gold-gilded guests like Danny Elfman, Hildur Guonadottir, Alan Menken, Alexandre Desplat and more, “Score: The Podcast” is the most in depth look at the composers who bring film to life.

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