Odd Pod: ‘The Empty Bowl’ hosts Justin McElroy and Dan Goubert are ‘cereal’ about cereal

Health & Fitness December 1, 2021
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Podsauce’s Odd Pod Pick of the Week is “The Empty Bowl,” “a meditative podcast” where enthusiasts and hosts Justin McElroy and Dan Goubert are cereal about cereal. The cereal fanatics want listeners to tune in and relax while hearing about cereal, set to a soothing oceanic soundscape. While the podcast talks about food, “The Empty Bowl” is listed in the health and fitness genre.

In monthly episodes, Justin and Dan will share cereal news, review brands, and even participate in cereal trivia rounds. So far, “The Empty Bowl” has released over 55 episodes, and new listeners can start in any order. The average run time of episodes is 30 minutes long, and the show has over 2,500 ratings on iTunes.

If you listen to as many podcasts as we do at Podsauce, you’ll recognize the McElroy name from several podcasts including “My Brother, My Brother and Me,” “The Adventure Zone,” and “Schmanners,” just to name a few. The McElroys are prolific podcasters! “The Empty Bowl” co-host, Dan, created the cereal fan site, Cerealously, with news, cereal culture, and more, and wanted to share this info on a podcast.

Dan and Justin bring calm energy and speak in hushed voices each episode discussing cereals’ flavors, tastes, and more. LOL! They’re going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs in the calmest possible way. If you have a favorite cereal, there’s likely an episode that mentions your top shelf pick.

In September, listeners heard how Justin transcended dairy, and they delved into “Chexian geometry.” Recently, Justin and Dan discussed “sogginess preferences.” In May, they shared discontinued cereals returning to shelves and tricks to make a better Chex Mix.

This December, the hosts are stoked about Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch Mini Treats hitting the shelves, and hope listeners are just as excited as they are. They’ll also veer into sugary snack territory outside the cereal realm including discussions on Pop Tarts, Dunkaroos, and ’80s faves. Did you know cereal cafes exist? Dan visited one in March and shared his experience.

So dig into “The Empty Bowl” and check out new monthly episodes, good to the last drop, wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Listen to ‘The Empty Bowl’

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