‘The Fall Line’ covers cold cases, missing persons, and other true crimes not often covered by the media

True Crime August 15, 2022
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“The Fall Line” is a true crime series covering cold cases, missing persons, unidentified people, and more stories that are often omitted from mainstream news. Hosts Brooke Gently-Hargrove and Laurah Norton present narrative-driven episodes, thorough research, and interviews with experts and families. On the podcast, we’ll also meet victims and survivors and hear possible reasons why their cases were overlooked.

Since 2017, the podcast has uploaded over 140 episodes and counting to stream in any order. This summer shared plenty of updates from previous episodes and released a new take on the Jenkins County, Georgia Jane Doe case from February 1988. The podcast shared previously unreleased details with the public and updates from a GBI interview and trip to Georgia from 2019. Tune in to learn more about an early suspect and the methods being used for victim identification.

A recent 2-part episode examined Janice “Becky” LaPlant’s disappearance from a 2011 cookout in Alabama. Her biological daughter, Tracy, investigated and turned to social media to ask the public for any leads. While part 2 was being recorded, Tracy learned about a Jane Doe in Knoxville, TN – news that could break the case – when she was asked to go in for genetic testing.

In July, there were updates on NiShan Huff’s murder from 2006, as new arrests were made years after the 23-year-old woman was found shot inside her Greenville County apartment.

We’ll learn updates on Julie Doe’s case, an unidentified victim found dead on a Florida highway in 1988. Julie was a trans woman assumed to be cisgender. Since 2015, the Trans Doe Task Force has brought attention to her case, and many others, in hopes of finding loved ones, friends, and family to learn new information. The DNA Doe Project calls on volunteers to send their DNA to GEDmatch, to increase their database in the Southeast and potentially identify Julie.

We recommend “The Fall Line” for fans of “DIE-alogue.” In March, the podcast released “Missing, Murdered, + The Media,” shedding light on lesser-known true crimes.

Tune in for new, weekly episodes of “The Fall Line” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘The Fall Line’

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