‘The Femme Files: A History of Iconic Women’ draws unlikely connections between figures like Britney Spears and Lady Jane Grey

History March 29, 2022
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Becky Wilde, Ellen Grace, and Josie Tipper present “The Femme Files: A History of Iconic Women.” Episodes bridge history and pop culture in discussions about two icons: one from the past and one from the present. The hosts identify shared themes, experiences, and character traits both icons possess. It’s interesting to hear the creative connections made while diving into the historical background of each icon.

Stream the series in any order, with the average episode lasting an hour. The series released 11 episodes so far. The hosts are history geeks with a penchant for pop culture and a shared fascination with iconic female figures.

Teen warriors Joan of Arc and Greta Thunberg were analyzed in an episode covering politics, haircuts, misogyny, Tinder, and a variety of issues. Becky, Ellen, and Josie talked about their star signs and debated which activist they’d rather be stuck in a zero-emissions boat with.

How was Marie Antoinette like Kylie Jenner? According to the hosts, they’re material girls. This episode talked about extravagance, momagers, scandals, wigs, puppies, and the Sofia Coppola film. Goth met grunge on the Courtney Love and Mary Shelley episode. In the 1800s, Shelley penned Frankenstein and pioneered in the horror/sci-fi genres. Hole’s frontwoman, Courtney Love, had plenty of controversy in the 1990s. Shelly and Love had rebellion in common, as well as dicey romances and emo-ness.

Becky, Ellen, and Josie explored cancel culture’s history, why women get cancelled, and if redemption is possible after you’re cancelled. The hosts chatted about Duchess of Devonshire Georgiana Cavendish and superstar Taylor Swift who both dealt with “mob mentalities.” Cavendish was ex-communicated by high society, and Swift had social media spats. This episode dives into bullying, banishment, and the ramifications of cancel culture.

Aphra Behn and Phoebe Waller-Bridge were creative pioneers. Behn was a poet and playwright, and Waller-Bridge is a comedic star and playwright. This episode doesn’t just compare their senses of humor and raunchy material; the hosts draw connections to spies and England.

The mythical Circe and actress/wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow were linked in episode 5. They explored witchery, eggs, sorcery, the occult, and more. Season 2, episode 1 discussed Britney Spears and Lady Jane Grey’s trapped princess-esque similarities. Anne Boleyn and Meghan Markle were compared in an episode on how both women shook things up in royal territory.

Check out all episodes of “The Femme Files: A History of Iconic Women” to celebrate Women’s History Month this March and beyond.

Listen to ‘The Femme Files: A History of Iconic Women’

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