‘The GIST of It’ offers a fresh female perspective on sports

Sports November 28, 2021
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“The GIST of It” is your one-stop-shop for everything sports. This twice weekly podcast talks about all of the newest happenings in the sports world. Hosts Ellen Hyslop and Stephanie Rotz discuss all that’s new in sports with a focus on the intersection between athletics and society. They’ve covered topics like Naomi Osaka putting her anxiety and mental health ahead of Wimbledon’s media requirements, Simone Biles’ withdrawal from Olympic events for her own safety, Rachel Nichols’ fallout at ESPN after her racist comments were caught on tape, and more.

The GIST is a woman-founded and led sports media brand that is dedicated to equalizing the broadcasting of mens’s and women’s sports. The company was founded by three college friends who wanted to lend a woman’s perspective in the male-dominated sports industry. In 2018, at the time of their founding, less that 14% of sports journalists were women, and a ghastly 4% of coverage from major news outlets was on female athletes/sports. Now, they work every day to increase those stats by providing equal coverage of women’s and men’s sports. Also, their Instagram is popping.

Delightfully Canadian and easily excitable, Hyslop and Rotz do a fantastic job getting people pumped for whatever they are talking about. Each episode averages to just about 30 minutes, unlike most other sports podcasts. They don’t talk over each other, and they continuously educate each other on their personal favorite sports and athletes. They handle heavy topics with care and make sure to keep their audience informed on current events.

But, they don’t just want sports fans to be listening. They know that sports are gate-kept from both men and women, so they give rundowns of popular sports rules and tournament layouts: perfect for anybody who is trying to learn the game. Their coverage of the 2021 NCAA Tournament broke down the rules of the 64-team bracket so listeners could participate with a bracket of their own. They illustrate upcoming sports seasons and tournaments with a “Everything You Need To Know” episode. With new episodes every Tuesday and Friday, you will hear only the most important news that’s breaking in the sports world.

“The GIST of It” does not just stick to sports, because sports have always intersected with justice. From Jesse Owens winning four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympic games in front of Hitler’s Germany, to English soccer fans’ racist behavior towards the three Black players on their men’s national team, sports have been in the conversation. They talk body shaming in sports after WNBA superstar Liz Cambage was subjected to offensive and inappropriate comments from a head coach. There’s discussions of suffrage in sports and how female athletes frequently become leaders in civic engagement (Maya Moore, the entire Atlanta Dream franchise). There is also a lot of talk about the rampant sexual assault in sports, committed by players and administrators alike. It’s the good, the bad, and the really ugly sometimes, but it is also the necessary.

“The GIST of It” is one-of-a-kind, and we could not be more grateful for what they are doing for people everywhere. They are filling a large, glaring hole in sports culture, and they offer a refreshing and necessary perspective on athletics. Listen to “The GIST of It” now to stay in the loop.

Listen to ‘The GIST of It’

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