‘The Jeff Richards Show’ will have you listening to interviews with celebrities played by Richards himself

Comedy February 16, 2022
The Jeff Richards Show
Listen to ‘The Jeff Richards Show’

SNL and MADtv alum Jeff Richards has a podcast, although the odds of him showing up as himself for episodes is slim to none. In the nick of time, Richards sends “guests” in his place to interview comedians and celebrities. The fun begins when we realize it’s a deepfake impersonation fest, and Richards plays through a catalogue of characters each episode to chat with guests who are also playing roles.

Start “The Jeff Richards Show” in any order, with comedic episodes focusing on specific guests. Since 2020, the podcast has released over 35 episodes, running under an hour on average. Listeners can look forward to hearing Richards’ impressions and deepfakes of David Letterman, Willy Wonka, Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman, Dr. Phil, Dustin Hoffman, and Dr. Hannibal Lecter – just to name a few.

Richards stopped by Podsauce to share all about his podcast, favorite impressions, using deepfakes, and guests he’s enjoyed speaking with. He reminisced about interviewing the late Bob Saget on the show in 2020 and shared which guests would convince him to show up to an episode as himself. He’d love to interview Gary Busey IRL, and he’s already played Busey on the podcast. Tune into this week’s episode to hear Richards’ live bits and a Jimmy Fallon impersonation that had Dax and Alesha rolling on the floor.

Richards loves listening to podcasts like “The Kyle Dunnigan Show,” “Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast,” and “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Dax listened to the Tom Cruise (Evan Ferrante) and Dustin Hoffman (Jeff Richards) episode, where they chatted 33 years after Rain Man was released. Alesha and Dax wondered if Richards shares the questions in advance with the podcast’s guests, but he likes everyone to be surprised and answer off-the-cuff. Richards shared what it was like to have one of his idols, Phil Hendrie, on the show. Richards explained that Hendrie’s work majorly inspired the podcast.

Actual celeb appearances have included Alec Baldwin‘s interview with Robert Downey Jr. (played by Richards), Brad Garrett, Fred Stoller, SNL alum Dr. Ellen Cleghorne, and more.

Check out Richards’ YouTube channel for deepfake video versions of the interviews. “The Jeff Richards Show” is presented by Zoey Greenberg.

Listen to ‘The Jeff Richards Show’

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