Celebrity impersonations and national news from a fictional serial killer on ‘The Kyle Dunnigan Show’

Comedy February 15, 2022
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Comedy Central veteran, Emmy, Peabody and Writer’s Guild Award-winning comedian and comedy writer Kyle Dunnigan hosts his own comedy podcast, “The Kyle Dunnigan Show.” Along with comedian Kurt Metzger (also an Emmy and Peabody Award winning writer), the two are talking about what Sylvester Stallone wants to talk about (you’ll catch on later).

Recommended to us from the hilarious Jeff Richards, host of his own podcast “The Jeff Richards Show,” as one of his favorite comedy podcasts, “The Kyle Dunnigan Show” has been releasing weekly episodes since late 2020. The show has now released nearly 80 episodes, each just half an hour long. Every Thursday, you can expect a new episode to drop, and as touring and live shows become a thing again, Dunnigan has also been known to release extended hour-long episodes of his live podcasts.

Dunnigan is an actor, comedian and writer known for his work on Inside Amy Schumer, but you may recognize him most from his role as Craig, a.k.a. the Truckee River Killer, in Reno 911! But it seems his true calling is celebrity impersonations. He’s been a regular guest on “The Howard Stern Show” and “The Adam Carolla Show Podcast,” impersonating Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Sylvester Stallone, Bill Maher, and many, many more.

In fact, we do believe that he often channels Craig for certain segments/entire episodes of his show, who actually gives news updates to listeners.

Along with his impressive impersonations, he’s been using face-swapping technology (like, the Snapchat kind of face-swapping) for his YouTube-show-turned-podcast, “The Kyle Dunnigan Show.” He literally records entire episodes as Sylvester “Sly” Stallone, a very accurate impersonation of the Rocky actor, but with a comedic and slightly chaotic twist. He reads off Sly’s diary excerpts, reports on the latest happenings on Sly’s life from his mother’s basement, and sometimes Sly is even joined by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who tries to convince Stallone’s fans to switch loyalties.

Dunnigan and Metzger, who for some reason is called “Kurp” by Sly Stallone, have great chemistry both in the writers’ room and in the audio booth (audio booth being Dunnigan’s living room). Be sure to check out “The Kyle Dunnigan Show” for your comedy fill.

Listen to ‘The Kyle Dunnigan Show’

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