‘The Mel Robbins Podcast’ offers science-backed tools, practical advice, inspiration, motivational strategies, and more

Education October 10, 2022
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Motivational speaker, author, and podcast host Mel Robbins has helped people change their lives with life tools, strategies, and encouraging words. Mel’s advice has gone viral online and she has gained millions of devoted followers over the years.

On “The Mel Robbins Podcast,” hear relatable stories and lessons Mel has learned “the hard way,” ranging from serious mistakes, uncovering tools, and finding life-altering research that enabled her to change her life. Mel discusses her personal journey, life, and brings listeners behind the scenes. She shares science-backed tools, practical advice, inspiration, conversations, support, and motivation for listeners looking to improve their lives.

Since October, the podcast has released weekly episodes that run less than an hour on average. The standalone episodes draw on real-life experiences and tackle topics ranging from anxiety to the latest research, solution-oriented discussions, celebrating breakthroughs, career challenges, insecurities, and so much more.

Mel’s son joined the first episode before diving into 3 empowering steps she has taken to change her life and reinvent herself. Mel shares how these changes led to strengthening relationships, changing her business, improving her mental health, moving, and much more. This episode shared research on intrinsic motivation, temporal landmarks, and how you can use “The Fresh Start Effect” to jump-start your goals.

Episode 2 focused on taking your power back and finding confidence when you’re feeling insecure. In a story that unfolded in real time, hear what happened when Mel’s 22-year-old daughter learned that her ex was suddenly interested in one of her friends. In this episode, you’ll learn tips to survive an “emotional tsunami” and actionable tools to kick self-sabotaging patterns.

Mel owns and operates her own female-led media company. Her releases include thought-provoking content, books, videos, six audiobooks, and an Audible podcast.

For new episodes of “The Mel Robbins Podcast,” tune in Mondays and Thursdays wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘The Mel Robbins Podcast’

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