‘The Nikki Glaser Podcast’ goes scorched Earth on all things pop culture

Comedy November 1, 2021
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Listen to ‘The Nikki Glaser Podcast’

Brutally honest and insufferably hilarious, comedian Nikki Glaser is moving at a breakneck speed on “The Nikki Glaser Podcast.” Alongside the duo of Noa and Andrew, this podcast is going scorched Earth on their own lives and no pop-culture personality is safe from Nikki’s rants.

From Monday through Thursday, “The Nikki Glaser Podcast” is giving advice, sharing embarrassing stories and letting Nikki run her mouth for about an hour. The comedian is well-versed in the world of podcasting and radio-work: she’s been a guest and co-host on podcasts like “Danswers,” “We Know Nothing,” “Not Safe,” and “You Up? with Nikki Glaser,” which she completed before starting this one. She makes frequent appearances on Comedy Central and even hosted the HBO Max dating show FBOY Island.

Now, her Big Money Players Network and iHeartRadio podcast is where you can find her four days a week. You can hear stories like her embarrassing run-in with will.i.am after she roasted one of his songs. On segments like You Heard It Here First you’ll learn ancient terms for genitals, what men are most insecure about, why non-alcoholic bars should be our future, and you’ll even hear from Nikki’s mother about sleeping in a haunted house.

Like in her Comedy Central roasts, she holds nothing back when it comes to tiny dogs, facial gyms, Squid Game, and celebrities who love Halloween a little too much. And, it you’re one of those people that are into sports, Andrew has his own little sports segment where he’ll talk about anything from Joe Buck to catching baseballs in prosthetic legs.

Also, Nikki, Andrew, and Noa leave a voicemail box open for listeners to share comments, stories, compliments and ask questions, and it is typically overflowing. So, “The Nikki Glaser Podcast” now dedicates episodes to sifting through those. There’s stories about husbands who should have their mouths taped shut after anesthesia, to feedback from Uber drivers, and even questions asking what to do with your pets when you’re about to bump uglies.

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your morning during the week, then “The Nikki Glaser Podcast” is waiting for you. Suggested by Lisa Lampanelli from this week’s Podsauce episode, it’s well worth a listen. Nikki is honest, vulnerable, and doesn’t necessarily want you to agree with everything she says, so take a listen to “The Nikki Glaser Podcast.”

Listen to ‘The Nikki Glaser Podcast’

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