If you’re loving ‘Hacks’ on HBO Max, you need ‘The Official Hacks Podcast’ companion show in your life

TV & Film May 17, 2022
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The hit HBO Max show Hacks is back for a second season this May, and along with it is a brand new companion podcast for all of us who can’t get enough of the Primetime Emmy Award winning show.

“The Official Hacks Podcast” will be joined every week by Hacks creators Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs, and Jen Statsky, along with a special guest host to grill them for every new episode. They’ll be talking about every decision they make for our main characters, Deborah Vance and Ava Daniels, and discuss what goes in to making a hit comedy series.

Episodes of this HBO Max and Pineapple Street podcast are just 40 minutes long and feature a behind-the-scenes roundtable discussion about the making of the show. As episodes of Hacks are released two at a time, new episodes of the podcast will come out the day of and the day after those releases, recapping the latest two episodes.

In the first episode, the three creators were joined by the woman who brought Ava Daniels to life, actress Hannah Einbinder. Together, the four recap season 2’s opener, talk about writing as a team, and discuss Hannah’s co-star, Jean Smart, and her love for the Christmas season. Hannah also discusses improvisation on set and a major fight scene from this opening episode.

The second episode of “The Official Hacks Podcast” was released just a day after Hannah’s and featured none other than the hilarious D’Arcy Carden (The Good Place, Broad City), who sadly isn’t in the show but is a longtime best friend/collaborator/superfan of the Hacks creation team. Hear D’Arcy dig into the creators about what’s in Ava’s email, the concept of “schmuck bait,” and even hear her pitch some character arcs that may or may not come to fruition.

With a different take on the TV companion podcast, “The Official Hacks Podcast” truly gets into the brains and hearts behind the show unlike ever before. Future episodes will be hosted by people like Margaret Cho, Angela Gibbs, Susie Essman, Luenell, and more.

Listen to ‘The Official Hacks Podcast’

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