The queen of true crime: all of Ashley Flowers’ podcasts in one place

True Crime March 17, 2023

Few podcasters have the name recognition equal to that of Ashley Flowers. She’s dominated the true crime sphere since late 2017 when she first released “Crime Junkie.” Every week, her podcast’s newest episodes jump to the top of the podcast charts.

But “Crime Junkie” is not all Flowers has done! We have gathered all of Ashley Flowers’ podcasts in one place. It’s a conglomeration of true crime, spooky stories, and dark secrets hidden deep within history (and if you’re looking for some holiday content, she also co-hosts “It’s A Wonderful Lie“). Her media company, audiochuck, is a female-focused podcast network that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for victims and families of the crimes she covers.

Anyway, we digress. Here are all of Ashley Flowers’ podcasts for you to peruse at your leisure:

Crime Junkie

Listen to ‘Crime Junkie’

Bringing it back to where it all started, “Crime Junkie” debuted in December of 2017 and has topped the charts every single week since then. Along with co-host Brit Prawat, the two have been regaling audiences with stories of murders, missing people, and serial killers in hour-long episodes. “Crime Junkie” led to Flowers becoming a full time podcaster, having created her own podcasting media company to produce the show, and Audiochuck continues to create true crime content that’s captivating audiences on the regular.

The Deck podcast art

The Deck

Listen to ‘The Deck’

Law enforcement hands out playing card decks to inmates and replaces the graphics with missing and murdered people’s pictures hoping inmates they will recognize the people and share new information. This audiochuck series speaks with investigators and families to learn new details of cold cases in America and bring justice.

The Deck Investigates podcast art

The Deck Investigates

Listen to ‘The Deck Investigates’

This season of “The Deck Investigates” examines the “4 of Hearts from Indiana,” Darlene Hulse. On August 17, 1984, Hulse was taken from her home in rural Argos, Indiana. Her daughters were also at home, and the two eldest witnessed the attack. They did not recognize the man who abducted their mother, and police arrived at the scene directly after Hulse and her captor disappeared.

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers

Listen to ‘Supernatural with Ashley Flowers’

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers” is covering everything that “Crime Junkie” doesn’t: namely, the unexplainable and downright spooky. The Parcast Network show dives deep into theories of vampires, witches, and ghosts as perpetrators of crimes that don’t make much sense without a supernatural explanation. Fascinating stories of the strange and terrifying, instead of being titled as Murdered, Missing, or Mysterious death, episodes are titled Mystical, Haunted, The Unknown, Conspiracy, Alien, and more.

International Infamy with Ashley Flowers

Listen to ‘International Infamy with Ashley Flowers’

In another collaboration with the Parcast Network, “International Infamy” is Ashley Flowers’ world tour of the wicked and wrongful. Just 15 episodes long, this podcast visits a different country in each one, either covering infamous cases or the straight up most terrifying, weirdest, and bloodiest cases each culture has to offer. Across different decades, different cultures, and the ever-changing laws across borders, it’s just more Flowers content for us to eat up.

Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers

Listen to ‘Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers’

Staying true to course, “Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers” is a deep dive into the damning details of the most powerful leaders in American history. Who has the darkest secrets hidden behind their oath to serve? Which Presidents have been hiding incriminating evidence long after they’ve been buried? From love affairs to cover-ups, mass corruption to murder, Flowers exposes both the personal and professional controversy hidden inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Full Body Chills

Listen to ‘Full Body Chills’

Diving into fiction, “Full Body Chills” is where Flowers shares her favorite scary stories around the metaphorical campfire. Sharing tales from a rotating cast of authors, as well as stories she has written herself, this podcast will leave you desperate for s’mores as you shiver in your boots.

Red Ball

Listen to ‘Red Ball’

The lesser-known “Red Ball” is sadly just four episodes and we are unsure if we will be hearing more of this story. In participation with the Indiana State Police, Flowers dives deep into Indianapolis’ most infamous murder cases: the Burger Chef Murders. Follow her reinvestigation in “Red Ball.”

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