‘The Roxane Gay Agenda’ features chats between the author, Tressie McMillan Cottom, Terry McMillan, and more

Society & Culture January 30, 2022
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The legendary Roxane Gay is still here to slay on the new Luminary series, “The Roxane Gay Agenda.” Gay invites you to add this series to your agenda, enticing listeners with the tagline: “the bad feminist podcast of your dreams.” Episodes are similar in nature to Gay’s previous podcast series, “Hear to Slay.” Each episode, Gay is joined by guests like “Hear to Slay” former co-host Tressie McMillan Cottom, whose creative output is now all for The New York Times, but she cannot wait to stop by as a guest whenever she can.

Start “The Roxane Gay Agenda” from any order, with the average episode running under 45 minutes long. All season, we’ll hear Gay’s discussions with mostly female guests who have things to say about important issues and they’ll dive into topics like feminism, race, art, writing, books, food, politics, and pop culture. They’ll share unique perspectives and bring humor to tackle even the most challenging episode topics in the chaotic world.

At the beginning of each episode, Gay will share what’s on her mind to set the agenda. This could manifest as current events, life updates, and more to unravel a unified theme. The first episode explored new beginnings, as Gay is starting a new job as President’s Professor at Occidental College in Los Angeles. She’s excited to get back to the classroom for the first time in 2 years, even though classes are off to a remote start, and in-person classes are up in the air.

McMillan Cottom is thrilled to appear on the first episode titled “Earn Your Mullet,” and she told Gay about her new dog. They discussed Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s controversies, Morgan Wallen’s mullet, and more.

American novelist Terry McMillan joined Gay on the second episode to explore “Permission to be Uncomfortable.” McMillan is a pioneer who paved the way for countless Black women and writers, as her stories explore Black experiences in America. McMillan’s releases include It’s Not Always Downhill from Here, Waiting to ExhaleHow Stella Got Her Groove Back, A Day Late and a Dollar ShortThe Interruption of Everything, and I Almost Forgot About You, just to name a few. Several of her works were adapted into films.

In this episode, McMillan explained that she became a writer without actually realizing she was one, how she constructs narratives that continue to resonate with Black women, and more. Gay’s story “North Country” appears in McMillan’s book, Difficult Women.

In addition to podcasting, Gay is a writer, editor, professor, and social commentator, currently writing opinion pieces for The New York Times. She authored The New York Times best-selling essay collection Bad Feminist (2014), among other essays, memoirs, and novels.

Tune into new episodes of “The Roxane Gay Agenda” wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘The Roxane Gay Agenda’

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