Let’s talk about sex: the 10 sex education podcasts you’ll wish you heard sooner

Education September 30, 2021

Welcome to your adult sex education. This course will taught by some of the top sex doctors, sex experts, and sex therapists podcasts could find. For all the questions that high school sex ed didn’t answer, and all the questions that you’re too embarrassed to even Google, we have the answers with these sex education podcasts.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a topic that’s not covered in these 10 podcasts. Learn new masturbation techniques from “The Dildorks”. Learn about colorism in sex with the award-winning “Masala Podcast.” Enjoy a deeply intimate conversation with a total stranger on “Sex with a Stranger.” Get an LGBTQ+ sex schooling that I know was not a topic in health class with “Inner Hoe Uprising.” Check out these 10 amazing sex education podcasts for an intimate, penetrative, and hilarious learning experience.

Doing It! with Hannah Witton

Listen to ‘Doing It! with Hannah Witton’

Hannah Witton has a passion for all things sex education and on her podcast “Doing It! with Hannah Witton,” she’s, well, doing it! Well – she’s talking about doing it. With a variety of guests, she discusses dating, relationships, our bodies, sex and sexuality. She is refreshingly direct and openly willing to discuss even the most uncomfortable of topics. She talks periods, pregnancy sex, disabilities, fertility and more. Listen to “Doing It! with Hannah Witton” for the laughter, the tears, and the sex education you’ve always wanted.

Masala Podcast

Listen to ‘Masala Podcast’

Winner of the British Podcast Awards, “Masala Podcast” is breaking the mold and talking about all the taboo things South Asian women are told not to talk about. Host Sangeeta Pillai is talking everything sex, sexuality, mental health, periods and more. Tune in to “Masala Podcast” for discussions on beauty standards and whether or not the Kamasutra is still relevant from South Asian women who are ready for a change. For conversations on colorism, porn, queer sex, and more, the sex education you’ll receive from Pillai is unmatched.

Better in Bed | A Sex & Sexuality Podcast

Listen to ‘Better in Bed | A Sex & Sexuality Podcast’

Certified sex coach and educator Sara Tang is taking us through the most taboo topics that people experience around sex. “Better in Bed” features intimate conversations with guests about navigating our modern sex culture. Whether you’re too nervous to ask about exploring sexual fantasies or you don’t know how to discuss performance with your partner, Tang is here to help. Her open and light-hearted discussions will inspire you to get better at communicating and better in bed.

Inner Hoe Uprising

Listen to ‘Inner Hoe Uprising’

I don’t think any LGBTQ+ person got the sex education they really wanted and needed in school. Luckily, “Inner Hoe Uprising” is in our corner. Learn about sex, love, and dating from four Black queer feminists living out their best lives in New York City. They provide hilarious commentary and great advice on topics like queer platonic and romantic relationships, play parties (you’ll have to listen to find out what that is), reproductive rights, and queer family structures. “Inner Hoe Uprising” is funny, intelligent, well-researched and so delightfully explicit.

Sex with Emily

Listen to ‘Sex with Emily’

Join Emily Morse on her chart topping sex and sexuality podcast “Sex with Emily”. The doctor of human sexuality is sharing her expertise on everything from sex with your ex, to meditation as a lubricant, to not faking orgasms. She is answering the questions her listeners don’t want to ask their friends or family. Check out “Sex with Emily” for a comprehensive adult sex education.

Sex with Strangers

Listen to ‘Sex with Strangers’

Since 2014, Chris Sowa has been travelling the world to talk about sex with total strangers. Every conversation is as unique as the stranger, and you will learn so much. Hear about Grindr in the vast wilderness of Wyoming, the kinky city that is Berlin, sex while Amish, and Thailand’s sex industry. Sowa talks with sex-havers and sex experts all over the globe to give you the most diverse sex education anywhere.

The Dildorks

Listen to ‘The Dildorks’

Sex bloggers and sex experts Bex Caputo and Kate Sloan are “The Dildorks.” Join them as they talk about all things intimate. Whether it’s masturbation, handling rejection, or cuddling, they want to talk about it. They discuss all the dimensions of sex, relationships, and everything that goes into them, whether it be depression and mental illness, or threesome etiquette. For an hour, you’ll get a casual sex education from two best friends who want to rewrite the textbooks.

Room for Relations

Listen to ‘Room for Relations’

“Room for Relations” is a podcast bringing conversations between friends to the public. Relationship therapist Eboni Harris is talking about relationships and sex with her friends as a way to educate people from a multitude of perspectives. With five years worth of episodes, there’s plenty of content to relate and plenty of experiences you have yet to encounter.

Unexpected Fluids

Listen to ‘Unexpected Fluids’

From BBC, “Unexpected Fluids” is one of the funniest and most genuinely authentic podcasts about sex. Explicit, straightforward and entirely too truthful, this podcast is truly unexpected. Alix Fox and Riyadh Khalaf love to hear about sexual fails and the perseverance it took to overcome them. This is a celebration of everyone’s sexual awkwardness and uniqueness.

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