‘The Skeptic Metaphysicians – Metaphysics 101’ embarks on life discoveries with witches, astrologers, and more

Religion & Spirituality January 13, 2022
Listen to ‘The Skeptic Metaphysicians – Metaphysics 101’

“The Skeptic Metaphysicians – Metaphysics 101” is a philosophical podcast where host Will Rodriguez is perhaps getting a little less skeptical and a bit more meta with his quest to learn more about the world at large.

In efforts to find purpose, broaden his knowledge, and find proof of things and ideas that exist, Will had immersive experiences like visiting a coven and chatted with experts from the spiritual, metaphysical, mental health and self-help arenas to answer questions and help listeners on their paths of discovery. In this weekly series, Will takes a cue from FBI agent Mulder on the X Files and truly wants to believe, hoping to find truths and learn along the way.

On a recent episode of Podsauce, Will spoke with Alesha and Dax about how he started “The Skeptic Metaphysicians – Metaphysics 101” last year. Stream the series’ 45+ episodes and counting in any order, with topic-specific episodes running 45 minutes on average.

In episodes, Will has interviewed a vast array of individuals from different backgrounds and forms of expertise including healers, witches, vampyres, tarot wizards, psychics, and paranormal investigators. They’ll delve into concepts such as the occult, aura reading, soul realignment, and dream interpretation. You’ll hear about sleep paralysis and astral projection from people who tell Will all about their intentional or unconscious participation in these fields and activities.

The “Vibrational Energies of Emotions” episode talks about the life and times of COVID-19 and the effects of stress on the mind, body, and spirit. On this episode, Will’s guest is a hypnotist and behavioral therapist, specializing in Spiritual Growth Therapy (SGT) techniques.

Listeners can hear about healing modalities like breathwork, meditation, medical astrology, plant medicine, visiting a Shaman, and intuitive energy healing. There are episodes on UFOs, spiritual phenomena, magick, mysticism, and shadow work. Will even interviewed a vampyre named Lady Ann Selene and learned about supernatural experiences, her time as a paranormal investigator, and the underground vampyre movement’s culture. Lady Ann Selene hosts a show Will enjoys listening to, “The Caravan, Library of Lore Podcast.”

Will has been fascinated with his lineup of guests, and he told Podsauce about what he learned from witches and Wiccans. If you’re just getting into Will’s podcast, he recommends the “Law of Attraction, Manifesting, and How to Leverage it Best” episode from August 2021, where guest Benjy Sherer was so generous with his working knowledge, that he steered the conversation’s helm through subjects like time, dimensions, and ascension, also getting into spirituality, philosophy, and psychology.

Tune into new, weekly episodes of “The Skeptic Metaphysicians – Metaphysics 101” podcast, wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Listen to ‘The Skeptic Metaphysicians – Metaphysics 101’

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