‘The SNL Network’ features all things ‘Saturday Night Live’ with former cast members, journalists, superfans, live reactions, and more

TV & Film April 14, 2022
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“The SNL Network” host Jon Schneider started a podcast to talk about all things Saturday Night Live. His series celebrates the show’s legacy and delves into iconic moments with a rotating panel of guests including superfans, critically-acclaimed journalists, experts, and more to fully embrace the fandom and look back at the show’s extensive history. Episodes are filled with roundtable discussions, recaps, and hot takes for every SNL episode.

To hear about the latest sketches and guests, start “The SNL Network” at the most recent episode. The series is now in its second season and has released over 130 episodes since 2020, running less than 90 minutes each. Check out “The SNL Network’s” “Hollywood Dish” episodes to hear what’s trending in pop culture every week.

Jon and his guests start recording episodes right after watching SNL airs, and sometimes, they’ll do a livestream to capture their post-show excitement. On “The SNL Network,” Jon likes to examine things from a “macro perspective” and highlights how SNL provides snapshots of the biggest cultural, social, celebrity, and political movements of our time. It’s fun to hear from different guests’ perspectives, keeping the commentary fresh with new voices each time.

A recent episode explored Jake Gyllenhaal’s hosting gig, complete with singing performances and hilarious sketches. “The SNL Network’s” roundtable chatted about why he chose not to address the Taylor Swift situation with “All Too Well” and the music video that’s speculated to be about their relationship.

“SNL Stories” are interview episodes posted during SNL’s off-weeks. SNL Production Designer Keith Raywood has worked on the show since 1985 and shared amazing stories about bringing writers’ visions to life.

In another episode, former SNL cast member Dean Edwards stopped by. From 2001-2003, Dean joined the show for season 27, at the same time Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers, and Jeff Richards were hired. In another episode, Judy Belushi Pisano, who was married to John Belushi from 1976-1982, told Jon about SNL’s early years and shared plenty of anecdotes from her time with John.

“SNL By the Numbers” dishes out numbers and statistics you need to know from the latest episodes. On the “SNL Patron Feedback Show,” patrons co-host with Jon, and there are also super-fan takeovers.

“The SNL Network” is a seriously fun listen for SNL and pop culture fans. Tune in weekly for new episodes. To hear more from Jon, check out his conversation with Podsauce.

Listen to ‘The SNL Network’

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