‘The Tim Ferriss Show’ is a library of knowledge on a little bit of everything like investing, therapy, String Theory, and zen

Business January 18, 2022
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If you’re looking for a little bit of everything, whether to boost your mood, your mindset, or your health, “The Tim Ferriss Show” is calling. Tim Ferriss, author, entrepreneur, and lifestyle guru, has dedicated the last eight years (yes, eight!) to his life-optimization podcast. Often called a human guinea pig, Ferriss experiments with the practices he learns on this podcast himself, determining what is most actionable for listeners. Topics vary far and wide, but Ferriss’ endless curiosity lends itself to incredible conversations with even more incredible people.

With over 550 episodes of “The Tim Ferriss Show,” Ferriss has obviously been busy. Episodes typically sit at around two hours in length but can be anywhere from 60 minutes to two and a half hours. With new episodes being released on Thursdays, this could be your new choice for helping you get over the final hurdle of the work week.

“The Tim Ferriss Show” covers a wide range of topics, jumping from mental health talks with Sarah Silverman to speaking about cosmic insignificance therapy with Oliver Burkeman. With guests, he talks about channeling creativity, the Metaverse, artificial intelligence, NFTs, crypto, vegetarianism, and the power of rituals. He speaks with leaders and experts in their fields to dig deep into what makes them tick.

He has spoken with magicians, Zen masters, investors, startup founders. Ferriss has sat down with Michael Dell, the founder of the computer company Dell, to discuss learning from early failures, learning from your competition, and playing nice to come out on top. Listen to conversations with numerous other founders: from Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia to Sir James Dyson of Dyson.

Ferriss has been joined by athletes like Michael Phelps and Chris Bosh as well as Mindfulness Coach George Mumford to sports legends like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. While he covers such a wide range of topics, it’s inevitable that within his catalogue you’ll find yourself skipping an episode here and there (if you dare try to listen to all of his episodes), but it also guarantees that there is something for everybody within his show.

Truly, whatever aspect of life you are looking to improve, even if just marginally, “The Tim Ferriss Show” has been helping others do it for years. Each guest brings a new perspective and new lesson to learn, providing engaging conversations, insightful content, and actionable ideas. Ferriss lets each guest shine, humbly asking about their stories, areas of expertise, and asking for advice.

In this New Year, be sure to check out “The Tim Ferriss Show,” to hear as Ferriss deconstructs world-class performers from across a breadth of practices and traditions.

Listen to ‘The Tim Ferriss Show’

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